Ethiopia records highest COVID-19 cases increase in Africa


(Xinhua) — Ethiopia has recorded the highest number of weekly COVID-19 cases in the African continent with 9,329 new COVID-19 cases, the Africa Centers for Disease Control (Africa CDC) disclosed on Thursday.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, March 21, 2021/APO Group/ –Daily:
Laboratory test: 8,227
Severe cases: 576
New recovered: 586
New deaths: 29
New cases: 1,778Total:
Laboratory test: 2,272,910
Active cases: 36,719
Total recovered: 146,273
Total deaths: 2,647
Total cases: 185,641

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Health, Ethiopia.

This large weekly COVID-19 cases increase has pushed the number of confirmed cases in the east African country to 179,812 COVID-19 cases as of Thursday morning, making Ethiopia the fifth most COVID-19 affected nation in the continent.

South Africa came second with 8,352 COVID-19 weekly COVID-19 cases increase, with war-torn Libya and Egypt recording the next highest number of weekly COVID-19 cases increase with 5,335 and 4,421 new COVID-19 cases, according to a press statement released by Africa CDC.

South Africa has the continent’s largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases overall with 1,532,497 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The island of Seychelles has the highest average new cases per million population per day with 521 new cases per one million people, according to the Africa CDC, the specialized healthcare agency of the 55-member African Union (AU).

Africa has recorded 4,062,388 COVID-19 cases and 108,659 COVID-19 related deaths as of Thursday noon, according to the Africa CDC.



  1. I was talking to one of relatives who lives in the capital last night about the current situation in the capital and he told me how the citizens there behaving towards the pandemic. He told me that they seem to have resigned about it. Wearing fas mask is officially mandated but not enforced. People seem content about walking around with face masks clutched in their hands rather than on their face. He is one of those who are extremely lucky to have been infected early after the arrival of the pandemic and survived it. He is a shop owner with hundreds coming in out of his shop on daily basis and was an easy target at the time when little was known about the virus. He has been negative since he recovered and vows not to touch the Russian or Chinese vaccines even with a 14ft pole. But the behavior of many residents in that city is very worrisome. The pandemic will continue to surge. In several towns the already rudimentary healthcare system is said to be overcome with patients. Hospitals are running out of beds already which means patients are on their own to face an agonizing death. This is a call for help! It is once agin time for all of us here to do everything we can to assist those in the frontline fighting the scourge. Let’s put this ugly politics and ethnicity crap aside and pitch in. Let’s send the last penny in our pocket.

    • I am willing to help but people have to use their masks 100% of the time as that is their only practical defence because keeping distance and washing hands frequently may be impossible. Secondly, the government has to enforce wearing masks all the time. It must be considered a crime not wearing a proper mask because, failing to do that is like killing people with a deadly weapon.

      • Dear Countryman/Woman,

        There gonna be stragglers anywhere when there is a call to duty nationwide. It is a fact that mitigating fatigue has set in every where. But that should not mean that everyone is a violator. That country is not well equipped to survive an outbreak like the one we have seen in South Africa and Brazil. The danger is there. Let’s not dwell too much on the behavior of those who flaunt the mitigating protocol and ignore the consistent advice that patriot daughter/sister of ours Dr. Lia bint Tadesse has been giving them. Let’s extend our helping hands with the last penny in our pocket. This is not political or ethnic. Not at all, it is humanitarian!!!

        Blessings to you and your family!!!!

    • ዳንኤል አስረስ &&&&&& Ittu Aba Farda (sick minded married to neftegna old woman)
      ግባና አተላህን ተጋተዉ ደነዝ ምንታመጣለህ ምኒሊክ እባጭና በጨብጥ ነዉ የወሰደልን አንተን ደግሞ ያንተን መጥፊያ ጠንቋዮችን እንጠይቃለን እስከዚያው ተበሳበስ ነፍሰበላ

      ግባና አተላህን ተጋተዉ ደነዝ ምንታመጣለህ ምኒሊክ እባጭና በጨብጥ ነዉ የወሰደልን አንተን ደግሞ ያንተን መጥፊያ ጠንቋዮችን እንጠይቃለን እስከዚያው ተበሳበስ ነፍሰበላ በንግሊዦኞ መጣፍ ጀመር ክ አይ ቀንመሀይም የአንተ ጦቢያ የአማራ ብቻ ጮቤ መርገጫ ናት ንግስና ላይመለስ ተሰናብቷል ባለፈዉ የጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ ተፅናና በሰዉ መሞት ጮቤ ርገጥ እኛ ብዙ ጀግኞች አሉን አንዱ ቢሞት ሌላዉ ይተካል እናንተን የሚቀበል ሕዝብ የለም አይሰጡ ስም እየሰጣቹህ ንፁሓን ሕፃናት እናቶች አባቶች፥ካህናትን ከመግደል ወደ ጦር ሜዳ ወጥታቹህ ከጀግኖች ጋር ተዋጉ ተረታተረት ትወዱ የለ ወንዶች ናወደ ጭ ዉጣ ይዋጣልን ነዉ የሚባለዉ ከመንደር ውሥጥ ዘረጥዘረጥ እያሉ ንፁሓንንመግደል የፈሪነት እና የተሥፋ መቁረጥ ምልክት ና መገለጫ ነዉ፥ዘረጥራጦች፥በሁሉም በኩል ተከበሻል ወጥመድ እንደተሠራበት የእርሻ ዉሥጥ አዉሬ እናንተን ብሎ ክርሥትያኖች ቤተክርስቲያናትን ልታቃጥሉ ቤተክርስቲያናችን ዉሥጥ ሲፀልዩ የነበሩ ለመግደል ቅርሥ ለማጥፋት ወደ አረብ ሀገራት እጃችሁን ዘረጋቹህ(እጃችሁ ተምጦቆ ነዉ እንዴ ወደ ኣምላክ ያልዘረጋችሁት፧ የእናንተ ኢትዮጵያ የሰይጣን ሀገር ወይስ የእግዚአብሔር አሥራት፧ ምንን በሥም ይደግፉ ይሉ ነበር አቶ በሸሻ ትግራይ ሄደዉ አረፉ አሉኝ ነፍስ ይማር

  2. If you count those in Tigray who die of sickness with Covid-19 like symptoms or without getting medical attention or without coroners checking for the cause of death, then this figure will go up tremendously. That is why many vaccinated medical professionals from the diaspora are gearing up to go to Tigray to do volunteer work and save lives in Tigray.

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