Ethiopia reads mischief in Egypt plan for Somaliland military base

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (left) and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. PHOTOS | FILE | AFP

Addis Ababa. Ethiopia on Monday warned Egypt to refrain from establishing any military base that would pose a security threat to the East African region.

The reaction comes days after an Egyptian delegation met Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi in Hargeisa where the two sides discussed Cairo’s proposal to set up a military facility in the self declared state.

“As a sovereign country, Egypt has a legitimate right to create relationships with any county in the region,” Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Ambassador Dina Mufti, told the Nation.

However, he adds that Egypt’s relationships should not be established at the expense of another country.

“If Egypt’s intent to have a presence in the region would be a threat to a third country, that won’t be appropriate,” he said.

“In this case, we need to have concrete instances of what’s happening…we hope it won’t be at the expense of Ethiopia or any other neighbouring countries because if so, it will be unlawful, against humanity and international peace and security.”

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  1. Subject “Ethiopia reads mischief in Egypt plan for Somaliland military bas””

    Short Commentary, 28 July 2020

    The Ethiopian proverb goes like this [Itrsanslation)] >>>’ It was well known before it was hatched'” .
    Egypt will always search for a FINAL SOLUTION and would NOT hesitate to use it in a nanosecond.. In the mean time, it will use RELIGION to weaken Ethiopia to its lowest level, thus perfect victim for the FINAL SOLUTION. The DAY Ethiopia takes this scenarioio as a joke is the beginning towards destruction. THE END

  2. For what reason is Egypt building a base in Somaliland other than to encircle Ethiopia and destabilize the region? This sinister ploy must be exposed to African Union. Should Somaliland be used as a spring board to attack Ethiopia, she must be punished mercilessly. If South Sudan also allows a base for Egypt, as was rumored sometime back, Ethiopia must take action on these countries and not let them give bases to Egypt. I don’t think any country will fault Ethiopia for defending herself from imminent danger.

  3. Wow, lets compare the two reactions…

    Egypt warns Turkey that an attempt to take the city of Sirte (in Libya) would cross a “red line” and trigger a direct Egyptian military intervention”

    Ethiopia reads mischief in Egypt’s plan for Somaliland military base and according to its spokesperson “If Egypt’s intent to have a presence in the region would be a threat to a third country, that won’t be appropriate”

    Are you kidding me??? Woe to the nation that does not raise its voice save in a funeral, that shows esteem only at the grave, that waits to rebel until its neck is under the edge of the sword.

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