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Ethiopia police stop Teddy Afro event in Addis Ababa – BBC

The significance of Teddy Afro

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Emmanuel Igunza

BBC Africa, Addis Ababa

We’ve been reporting on the move by the Ethiopian authorities to prevent an event for pop star Teddy Afro from taking place in the capital, Addis Ababa.

He is a huge figure in the country.

Teddy enjoys almost cult like following and his latest album – his fifth – has elevated him to legendary status.

The album is like a history lesson, with references to Emperor Tewodros II, who is seen as the father of modern day Ethiopia, and it also calls for unity among Ethiopians.

Teddy is no stranger to controversy though.

In 2008, he was jailed for a hit-and-run accident. He has always maintained that the case against him was politically motivated.

He raised the ire of the authorities in 2005 when he released an album that was seen as critical of the authorities in the wake of disputed elections, but Teddy has tried to distance himself from politics.

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He still enjoys massive following among Ethiopians who adore and revere him.

Months after his album was released this year, his music is still being blasted out on public transport, in pubs, local shops and homes.

Earlier this year, Teddy Afro spoke to the BBC about his hopes for the futur



    Insulting Oromos is not music, but hatred. And hatred is not tolerated in the new civilized Ethiopia.

    This is kind of hate filled and hate mongering nefetegnas that creating tension between innocent Oromos and innocent Debub Amharas(Showa Amharas).

  2. Gidey – Do even understand what a comment is? Or you have to say something to be paid by the ruthless TPLF against anything that hold us together? Shame on you!
    Denbedollo – NO one with their right mind will write what you just wrote. Instead of going forward, you are stilled walking backwards poisoned by the Albanian Marxist thinkers of TPLF ethnic ideology. Insulting the entire group of people shows me how insightful you are. Worthless rats like you, are the problem of this world. They can’t rise above their ethnicity and language. For them, the world rotates right in front of their nose. Appreciating and supporting anything must be inline with their ethnic and language identity. I have news for you – you are the outdated thinker. Your civilized Ethiopia is a torture chamber. If that is a sign of civilization, I suggest for you to see a psychiatrist so your head maybe examined and helped so you can think rationally. As it stands now, your thinking is moronic and a refuse worthy of a trashcan.

  3. Undoubtedly Teddy Afro is the lone fighter posing a real threat to the anti Ethiopian ethnic group/TPLF with uncommon valor, dignity ans perseverance. He is exposed not only the brutality and viciously repressive regime but the phony politicians/’opposition’ collections and individual do nothings. Teddy has proved that it is possible to fight and challenge the regime without surrendering to its scheme of division and the politics of exclusion. Teddys’ philosophy is deeply rooted in the pan Ethiopianst love and unity. His messages are genuinely laced with undying LOVE for Ethiopia and friends of Ethiopia. It takes a valiant warrior and an indomitable spirit and courage to do this. It takes a TEDDY AFRO. No wonder if the regime and zeregna of every stripe hates him because they hate Ethiopia. Teddy chose the narrow and the risky path only few/very few dared before him such as the youth of the 70s and those who uphold their banner high to this very day being vilified by overt and covert woyane/shabia and their puppets. The fight for unity and democracy will ultimately triumph because the opposite is doomed to fail.

    Long Live Teddy the son of Ethiopia, hope to see/listen more of you!

  4. dear tesfa

    we go together no problem , ye frenenj ashkerochu yikeflulinal

    i am well paid employee, tekatel

    Albanian Marxist thinkers of TPLF ethnic ideology, just tell only about TPLF you don’t know albania or marx

    it will be a huge surprise for every one if you stop considering yourself being inferior to europeans and others.

    you are very carzy for putting one of your neftegna or oromo tribal members on the throne . this might not help you to gain the full and the perfect freedom you want . perhaps you might think your family members or birhanu nega will ascend to the throne and will potentially appoint you as the deputy prime ministers

    this kind of dreams are inevitable when you sip alcohol and chew th green homegrown gum, chat

    see you i don’t have time to write you and disprove your bogus political stories which are even selfcontradictory to one another

    see you in aminute with outraged, ired sentiment

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