Ethiopia PM says ‘foreigners’ involved in June 22 foiled coup

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Thursday that attackers in a failed regional coup in June had been trained by people who had come from foreign countries, without giving details.

A rogue militia tried to seize power on June 22 in the northern Amhara region, an attack which authorities blamed on Asamnew Tsige, who was killed in fighting on the outskirts of the regional capital Bahir Dar.

The army chief of staff was also killed in the capital Addis Ababa simultaneously with the failed Bahir Dar assault, an attack which was also blamed on Asamnew’s rogue militia.

We have evidence that the suspected people were trained by people who came from abroad … There was a plan to murder other officials and generals.

“We have evidence that the suspected people were trained by people who came from abroad … There was a plan to murder other officials and generals,” Abiy told a news conference.

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He said on Twitter his government was willing to open up the political space to ensure any transfer of power is done in “a constructive manner rather than through terrorist acts”, without expanding on what transfers of power he might be referring to.

Those trying to seize power illegally would be held accountable, he added.

A total of 350 people, including soldiers and civil servants, had been arrested in connection with the attacks, he said. Out of those, 120 were later released, Abiy added.



  1. I’m not surprised at all. I concur on the allegations that those who used to be among us and others who used to scavenge in Asmara, Cairo and other joints might have and will try something stupid like this. It was in Amhara capital then and he should expect similar right inside his backyard, Addis/Finfine and Oromia. He has those who were having fits to yank away Oromia right in his nose. They even had taken to the bushes with deadly weapons to make that a reality. They used to to educate us about their ingenuity in applying spotless tactics and strategies. Their battlefield exploits were unmatched even by Napoleon and Ike’s standards. They were blinding us with one military communique after another that they never lost a single battle, not one. If we put together the weapons they captured it should be enough to arm every soldier in the US armed forces. The ‘enemy’ soldiers they captured between 1993-2018? They let me run out of numbers on that one!!!! 1, 999,999,999,999,999, phew…. I ran out of numbers and breath. When they marched ‘victotious’ into Addis/Finfine on that ‘memorable’ day in September, 2018 I was expecting them to bring those prisoners along. And also all those big guns they had captured from the ‘enemy’. It is natural for them, sir. They have to do something to prove that they are still manly!!!! ‘Liberating’ is still in their blood. That being their ultimate strategy but they are now in their tactic mode. Or mood!!!!

  2. Asto,

    Good remark. Where is the evidence that implicates “foreigners”? Which country or countries are they from? Are they Ethiopians in the diaspora or foreigners of Ethiopian origin? What’s the nature and level of their involvement? Without going to details, Abiy could have elaborated on this issues, but, as usual, he made a big accusation while he remained vague. He<s a master spin doctor. By the way, an attempt to overthrow a foreign government by residents or citizens is a punishable criminal offense of a serious nature. Abiy could have sent his evidence to foreign governments for prosecution of the said foreigners if he had the evidence. Even now, he can do it to win our trust in the future in any allegation he makes.

  3. Muartengouch,Metetamoch,anti Ethiopian racists talk too much with out any evidence about the government planned assignation of Ethiopian patriots. This is the first time the regime is mentioning the murder of the officials in over 48 days in public. What is more to continue to call the planned regime murder of the officials a coupd’etat,and to like it with coup in Turkey, makes this event theatrical,and the regime one that frames it opponents as platters and terrorists. Abiy Ahmed precipitated this crisis in Amara and Addis in order to cling to power as an absolute tyrant.

    Yes we saw Abiy in his military expedition with military fatigue to order the shoot out on the meeting at Amara region officials.If this

    is done to promote he is a hero ,he is sadly mistaken.Because there is no thing heroism about secretly ordering the killings of people while in meeting or arranging the the murder of the generals to be killed by their personal guard in their home.In fact this act speaks how the PM is in secured,fearful and coward of the outspoken general Assamenew.

  4. So he is torturing many people for fear of losing his power and being ousted. Ya alah!

    he must be removed soon one way or another

    nefsegeday worebela aremenae barbaric leader which ethiopia has seen in her history . I think now he exceeds the limit !

    he will be in the list of top dictators killed many innocent people during their political mandate

    with regard to TPLF

    who are you ? are you neftegna tigrawayi ye adwa tewelaj

    tinantina axum adwa shire iyalachuh tikefafilun neber zare techenekachuh tebebachuh

    and enihun tilalachuh

    kaka kiiki hahah

    ye amara ena ye oromo zeginet agnchalehu banda mehon yichalegnal

    amara yilemilim

    why are you waging war on amhara and Abiy admin?

    yesterday you were dividing us among villages and towns, adwa, shire , adaga hamus, . Now, you want us to help you and tell us to unite and go against amhara

    I prefer to support amhara and others being banda or bandit

    go down to hell

    i am not tigrawayi any more I have been discriminated by adwa people and norrowminded TPLF authorities including church and woreda kebele

  5. This guy is full of lies after lies on the foot steps of his creator and god Melez Zenawi.Abiy was a servant of the most atrocity omitting TPLF intelligence and twisted news from toe to time.last time when angry soldiers went to his palace to attack him he lied they came for salary increment and later told media and jailed them for Coupd’état. Abiy deceived the majority of Ethiopians by his Ethiopian national speeches but in reality he gave much more privilege and authority to Oromo extremists led by the jihadist j war who instigate the massacre in Hawassa that he publicly declared the Sidma region would be established by violnce. Abiy didn’t bring to justice this criminal Ja war while condemning the journalist and activist Eskendir as war monger and the yiyth who protest against the Burayu terrorists OLF killerrs. Enough is enough this lair Abiy Ahmed should go and all of Ethiopians should stand together to remove him by every possible civil way

  6. Abiye is the leader that will lead Ethiopia to something unique, the man is a gift of God and nothing tplf & Olf can do about it they are the ice under the Sun.
    Just wait and see.

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