Ethiopia: PM Office Removes Zaid Woldegebriel From Ethiopian Roads Authority

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By Fasika Tadesse
Removal believed to be related to improper tenders leading to design problems and exaggerated construction costs

Staff of the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) were surprised on Friday by a sudden letter from the Office of the Prime Minister, which removed Zaid Woldegebriel from the position of Director General, a post he had held for the past 10 years. A replacement is yet to be announced.
Dated Friday October 31, 2014, the letter from the Prime Minister’s Office to Zaid reads “we appreciate the efforts you have done in the Authority but as there is a need to restructure the management of the Authority, you are not going to stay on the post after now.”
When the letter was delivered, Zaid and his management team were at the House of Peoples’ Representatives in a meeting with the Standing Transport Committee. After the meeting, the two sides had agreed to continue on Monday, according to an official at the Authority.
The Prime Minister’s Office made the decision within three days of receiving a request from the Ministry of Transport (MoTr) headed by Workneh Gebeyehu. On Wednesday 29 October, MoTr wrote a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office requesting approval for the removal of Zaid from his position, saying that the whole Authority needed to be restructured.
On Friday the Prime Minister’s Office wrote a letter to Zaid thanking him at length for his long service and remarkable contribution, but informing him that based on a request from the MoTr, he would no longer be needed in his post as of Friday October 31, 2014.
Source: Addis Fortune Newspaper


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