Ethiopia: Pm Hailemariam – No Financial Shortage Threatening Dam Construction

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Hailemariam Dessalegn

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn confirmed that there is no financial constraint threatening construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Speaking at the 39th regular session of the House of Peoples Representatives on Thursday, PM Hailemariam said that construction of the Dam will never stop because of shortage of finance.

The public is expected to contribute 10 to 15 percent of the required amount for construction of the Dam, the Premier said, adding, the federal government and the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation will cover the balance.

PM Hailemariam said so far some 22 per cent of construction of the Dam is completed and urged the public to strengthen support towards the same purpose.

The Premier on the occasion responded to different questions raised by MPs among which the nation’s economic growth is one. Hailemariam said the economy is expected to grow by 11 percent in the current year.

The Growth and Transformation Plan’s base case scenario of economic growth which is 11 percent is being achieved. This is to be welcomed as there is no country in the world is registering such economic growth at this moment, Hailemariam said.

He also noted that activities are underway to make the economic growth continue.


  1. where do u get this, is this report your own or from somewhere else (put your source), don’t confuse people, this is wrong info to the Ethiopian people

  2. Mr. Dessalegn You are right, ” THERE IS NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD REGISTERING SUCH ECONOMIC GROWTH…” But who is trying to kid who? The broad mass of Ethiopians know it is the poverty and the misery that is growing everyday by leaps and bounds! That kind of figure (11% economic growth) tells me the collapse of common sense and sensitivity!!
    I was hoping that with the death of Zeanwi (tha venomous serpent and the curse of the nation) this culture of lies and absurd claims will subside and abate eventually.
    But sad to say, it has reared its head again, and this time from one who claims to be a Bible believing Christian. Sad ! sad! So Sad!
    The Weyanes are the darkest of the nations operating under the influence of Satanic forces who has totally blinded them! Satan’s one goal is to use these dark forces to trap, even the blood bought children of God!
    I say this hoping that you are saved born again by the Spirit of God! But if you like millions of deceived in that nation are nominal (existing in name only) Christian, the Lord help you to come out of the snare of the Devil and see your awful consequence!!!
    There is still room for repentance!!

    With all due respect Mr. Prime minister!

  3. I dont really think that Hailemariam knows what is going on or wether
    wyhane leadership allow him to know what is happening on daily government affair,
    This guy is a do nothing priminster that is directed by Berket Simon,Sebate Nega
    and others.What has he done since Mele died? Nothing Nothing

  4. hailemariam’ preaches looks like Satan during the Coup d’état but Michale and Gabriel disclose its false speech. The true sons and daughter of Ethiopia shall oppose the nightmare of pm hailemariam.

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