Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed to host a fundraising dinner

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will be hosting a fundraising dinner to help secure $1bn (£750m) for infrastructure projects in the capital.

Officials said tickets will be charged at more than $175,000 per person, but further details are unclear.

The dinner hopes to boost foreign investment into one of Africa’s fastest growing economies.

Since coming to power last year, Mr Abiy has pushed for wide-scale economic reform in Ethiopia.

A video released by the prime minister’s has set out plans for the redevelopment of Addis Ababa, including an expansion of green spaces and retail areas.

Correspondents say Ethiopia likes to raise funds itself rather than rely heavily on foreign donors. Similar events have been arranged for economic investment and humanitarian relief.

Prime Minister Abiy sold his watch for $175,000 during a recent event for infrastructure development in Ambo, 100km (60 miles) west of Addis Ababa. About $14m was raised in total.

Who is Abiy Ahmed?

Mr Abiy came to power after three years of protest led by ethnic Oromos, who were demanding an end to what they considered their political and economic marginalisation.

The prime minister, who is Oromo himself, has pushed through a series of significant reforms, making peace with neighbouring Eritrea and releasing the state’s tight grip on parts of the economy.

His economic ambitions including a multibillion-dollar privatisation of Ethiopia’s telecoms, energy, shipping and sugar industries. A domestic stock exchange is set to launch in 2020.

The reforms have attracted millions of dollars in foreign investment, especially from the Middle East.

But Mr Abiy’s crackdown on corruption has drawn criticism from members of the country’s previous regime.

In June 2018, he was targeted in bomb attack which killed two people at a rally in support of his government.

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  1. Before we dine and wine with Dr. Abey even paying a single cent, we want to know his stand on Addis Abeba. The question for him is: ” Does he accept what is provided in the federal constitution under Article 49?” If he has forgotten what is provided in the said article, here is a copy of it.

    ” Article 49

    Capital City

    I.Addis Ababa shall be the capital city of the FederalState,
    2.The residents of Addis Ababa shall have a full measure of self government.
    Particulars shall be determined by law.
    3.The Administration of Addis Ababa shall be responsible to the Federal Govemement.
    4.Residents of Addis Ababa shall in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, be represented in the House of Peoples’ Representatives.”

    Dr. Abey,

    Has any of what are mentioned above realized before you rush yourself to ‘beautify’ the city? As to me, Oromo Democratic Party which you lead is bracing itself to change “special interest” under Article 49(5) of the same constitution to “full interest” and unceremoniously swallow Addis.

    Get this! Only “full interest” promoter Oromos will be present on your 5 Million Birr dinner.

    The proof that Dr. Abey also advances “full interest” is clear from the name of the project he is working to realize: “Beautifying Sheger Project”. The sad thing is he can’t even call the city by its constitutional name which is Addis Abeba. Once he knows his mistake, he will say “what’s in name?”. We say there is everything in name.

    Let’s all boycott “Beautifying Sheger Project”. Go dine with AU and some ambassadors who do not care about the plight of Addis Abebans.

  2. Addis Ababa jobs is being invaded by ODP supporters.ODP/The Federal Government is giving houses and jobs for it’s supporters while displacing and firing others . Governmental organizations are firing other ethnicities meaning people that might not support ODP are expecting Ted to go in exile out of the game, come election 2020 ODP seems the only contender since others who have the say on the future are being pushed to outside the city or to stay in the city homeless and jobless unable to challenge ODP OPDO EPRDF.
    Zehabesha editors will not post my comment since they only want to post Abiy’s supporters ODP OPDO Eprdf comments so let me copy my comment and paste it at other sites. I Donot know why I still type at Zehabesha?

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