Ethiopia: OMN Breaking News September 16, 2017

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Ethiopia: OMN Breaking News September 16, 2017

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  1. These people who claims to have been Oromo politicians and activists are very coward and embarrassment for the people of Oromo. They are totally scared of mentioning Somalie as invaders and they are revolving round the core issue ‘ somalie invasion’ . Had it been Amhara who has committed thst crime they would have …… you should be ashamed of yourself. Currently St this time as we talk poor and innocent Oromos are killed by Somalies just for being Oromo. So donot cover up by TPLF / Woyanes. That is obvious TPLF / Woyanes are not only oromos but also entire nation they are enemies. Be man enough to talk straight .

  2. Here it is the Oromo people to know.
    1. If you claim as an Ethiopian you will be a winner, I do not understand why not since you are a majority. only the minority want to get independent
    2. woyanee will not do that much damage to your people if you claim as Ethiopian because at the end of the day you have a chance to bring those criminal to justify in court.
    3. In woyane mind they think they will be free after so many criminal if they destroy Ethiopia but that is stupidity because after so many misunderstanding I am quite sure the time will come when orom will walk up and claim as an Ethiopian and find you even you go back to you mother womb
    4. Walk up elite Oromo ( you think you are but in reality the framer Oromo is better) your people is dying.

  3. @Gobeze pls stop begging them to embrace Ethiopian nationality . It is their turn to swallow the saliva they had spotted. If they think of independence thinking of the fake Oromia territory drawn by evil Tigrians they will end up fighting with adjacent tribes and Somalies at large thst would be closing the Oromia chapter for good. Not only from Harere those relocated in Wollo Kemissie is also be under scrutiny. Imagine if they are fleeting in hundred of thousands in a couple of days what if they are subjected to long term contracted conquest from Somalie. That brought shame to the rest of Ethiopians.

    From now on wards the Oromo politicians and activists unless they come forward and condemn Somalies and even file a charge against Somalies in the international legal institutions they would be branded as coward and a disgrace for Oromos.

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