Ethiopia now smug in Calabar

by Iwedi Ojinmah 15 November 2013,

Ethiopians fans © Action Images
Ethiopians fans © Action Images

They are here flawlessly arriving at 2 pm CAT yesterday courtesy of arguably Africa’s best airline and seemingly they love it.

Unlike the Kenyan and Malawian teams that remained virtually segregated before and after the 90 minutes on the green ironically at the same Channel View Hotel, these East Africans seem friendlier and a more bubblier crowd as verified by both writer and the Hotel staff.

Under the constant cluck clucking of Coach Bishaw who plays the role of Mother hen as well as Father and gaffer with relative ease, the team seems very relaxed and ready for D day fortifying themselves yesterday with nutrients including what we suspect were morsels of the flat pancake like bread called Nyara but eaten like ‘fufu’.

As of the time of this filing the team was in training at the University of Calabar after a light breakfast and a ride through the state’s capital.

Storm Clouds over Calabar Stadium – venue of Saturday’s do or die cracker.

Fans were especially appreciative of Saladin, Shemeles and the tough talking captain Debebe whom they cheered and sometimes jeered in jest. But it was Saladin who they all pointed too calling him Armoured Car after the Army vehicle.

The fact that months ago hardly any Nigerian fan would have known these players shows how much the locals appreciate a quality opponent that has now wormed their way into their football hearts.

The team is expected to hold a closed door session later on today at the main bowl of the Calabar Stadium which they initially saw yesterday.

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