Ethiopia: New Housing Scheme for Diaspora and Diplomatic Mission Workers

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Feisel Aliyi, left, director general of Diaspora engagement affairs and Dina Mufti, spokesperson for the MoFA announced that the Diaspora housing scheme is postponed in a press briefing on Wednesday, November 6.
Feisel Aliyi, left, director general of Diaspora engagement affairs and Dina Mufti, spokesperson for the MoFA announced that the Diaspora housing scheme is postponed in a press briefing on Wednesday, November 6.

A draft directive is prepared by the Ministry of Development, Housing and Construction (MUDHC) on housing registration for members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community. This housing scheme is going to be open only for the Ethiopian Diaspora.

The directive stipulates different list of prices and different housing schemes from which they can own a house from 40/60 and 20/80 schemes, which currently are underway.

According to the draft document, beneficiaries of the directive are the Diaspora and workers of the Ethiopian diplomatic missions. Members of these groups can register individually or can organize themselves and register under housing cooperative associations.

Individuals who would like to be included under this scheme have different alternatives. They can register for houses from two to four bedroom houses. According to Fortune, the directive rules out the alternative of a one bedroom apartment.

A two bedroom apartment is going to lie on 74 square meters and built on a minimum of four storey building. A registrant to such apartment is expected to pay a little more than half a Million Birr. On the other hand, three bedrooms apartment is going to occupy a total area of 100 square meters and cost 720,000 Birr.

A four bedroom house, according to Fortune, is going to cost close to a Million Birr and lie on a total area of 136 square meters.

The draft directive gives applicants different options when it comes to place of their choice. The choices are Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa and other regional towns.

Nonetheless, there is a slight difference in price depending on the location of the buildings in regional towns. Apartments in major regional towns with two bedrooms will cost 424,390 Birr while three and four bedroom apartments will cost 573,500 Birr and 779,960 Birr respectively.

The price set for all the types of houses is based on the current construction material and thus it subject to changes in case of reasonable price change.

Buildings that are G+4 are going to be constructed in Addis Ababa by housing association of twelve members.

The directive puts three types of houses as an option for such associations. The first option it puts forward is an apartment that occupies a total area of 1056 square meters composed of three apartments of two bedrooms, six apartments of three bedrooms and three apartments of four bedrooms.

The second option is a building that lies on a total area of 1104 square meters with 12 apartments, one for each member of the members.

The last option the directive proposes has the same number of apartments with the second option, only it will be constructed on an area of 1088 square meters. There will be eight apartments with three bedrooms and the remaining four are going to be four bedroom apartments.

Registrants to this scheme are going to make the payment in a different manner from the already underway payment mechanism. Member of the Diaspora is expected to pay half of the price if he wishes to register and considered as a member of an organization.

The remaining half is going to be paid when the land for the construction of the house is prepared and handed over to the association. Construction permit will only be issued after full payment has been made.

Members of the Diaspora community will make their payments in foreign currencies with which the country transacts for the Diaspora community. However, Ethiopian diplomatic mission can make payments by Birr.

Source: Fortune


  1. This is an attempt to divide and conquer or silence the diaspora.
    It won’t derail the fight for freedom and democracy.

  2. Yet another scam from the TPLF government to steal money from the diaspora. There have been many housing schemes for which the diaspora paid money in advance, and in hard currency — what the government is after here. However, there has been NO single diaspora housing scheme in Addis that resulted in actual delivery/construction of houses. So don’t be fooled. They ask you to pay HALF of the price in advance with the promise of future delivering a house. This way, the will collect billions of dollars from the naive diaspora who is so eager to have a roof in his/her homeland. Will they keep their promise and actually deliver the house? Just look at their past records and judge. If Woyane was a borrower in the US with so many defaults on its promise, its credit score wouldn’t qualify it for anything but cash transaction.

  3. this is the way the fascist woyane raise money. they evict farmers and poor citizens from their agricultural land and build houses to sell.
    all land is under the control of these fascist parasites so that they can do whatever they want with it – they sell large tracts of land in the countryside to arabs, indians , chinese. urban land is confiscated , citizens evicted and thrown out into the streets and the land is used to build houses for sell to raise cash for the intatiable appetite of tplf cadres and politbureau members.
    woyane is evil and what ever incitement they present to the diaspora community, it should be clear that they are doing this at the expense of poor Ethiopians whome they rob, evict, massacre and torture daily inside Ethiopia.

  4. This is only a propaganda in which the tyrannies want to collect foreign currencies from diaspora and run away as their last time is coming, and they have began to understand that they can’t continue the way they have done in the last 23 years. This is a well known way the dictators used to do when their last time is approaching.

  5. This is quite interesting. Now the government is trying to get some of the action. Scamming the Diaspora of millions of dollars by the “so called private developers” is a very well documented fact. It seems like the government is saying if you can’t control them join them.After reading the line “The price set for all the types of houses is based on the current construction material and thus it subject to changes in case of reasonable price change” all I can say is Caveat Emptor buyer beware.
    A scam is a scam regardless of where it emanates.

  6. Those bandas can be registered in woyane money robbing m echanism which is mainly set to trap those hodams on the main.

  7. The wayanes never end collecting money from diasbora what a joke ” even they are never stay on power why did they crested new housing scheme? just a few weeks a go the Tigrayns bought land by auctions in Bole district all are Tigraynes and they try to build house by diasbora money kkkkkk they are absolutely day light robbery wow ” what story ” they knows all western aid will suspended even UK is the first country to hold 600million dollar aid money to Ethiopia for first time after 6years and USA follow suit and European are send their own team to investigate series human -right in Ethiopia and this is the bigging of TPLF in crises since in power 1991 and now no where to go they will collapse very soon became for Ethiopia diasbora before your money going to bin ” the TPLF are no longer stay in powerful ” they are in series crises and steal your money and disappear ” don’t pay any money to this Government because they are scam even I don’t think if the TPLF involve in this scam all Tigray busyness people who bought the land just a few weeks they are the one who involve ” and make sure don’t wasted your money “

  8. I surely like to buy one, but i find some stetments in the article that keeps me from going in to this kind of deal. Look at the folliwing:- “The price set for all the types of houses is based on the current construction material and thus it subject to changes in case of reasonable price change.”
    A seller who tells me that he may change his mind and make me pay more or less in accordance to market price for his/her expences is going to make me pay more than less. I would never trust him/her.
    There solution may then be a fixed price for a finished Product in this case a finished condo for one and fixed price payable in some extended time With interest. That would be Nice.

  9. I don’t know when we will come to a consensus? I actually don’t know who is what in this country for this country in the mind of these people? I really don’t know why these people chase themselves away from their country? As to me this is a real right time for real diasporas of our nation to come together and stand on the side of their people to combat poverty and bring prosperity. As to me I don’t think there is another solution than discussion. And it is going well in this aspect. So don’t be lagers, rather try to be beneficiary from this real opportunity instead of regretting later. Every body don’t be silly because seeing is believing though the eye is with the eye holders and sometimes under the influence of their bad dreams.

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