Ethiopia: MPs’ decision to approve state of emergency disappointing and irresponsible

by Amnesty International

Commenting shortly after the Ethiopian parliament approved the state of emergency declaration in full this morning, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Salil Shetty said:

“It is deeply disappointing and irresponsible that Ethiopia’s MPs have chosen to restrict the people’s fundamental freedoms further instead of listening to their legitimate grievances. At this critical time of heightened political tension and protests, what is needed in Ethiopia is greater respect for human rights, not less.

“Under the last state of emergency, we documented a series of grave human rights violations including unlawful killings, forced displacement, arbitrary arrests and detentions, as well as torture and other ill-treatment of detainees. Aspects of this new declaration abysmally fail to comply with established international human rights principles.”

Amnesty International’s review of the state of emergency declaration was shared with MPs in an open letter dated 1 March ahead of their debate.

The letter called on MPs to refrain from approving the emergency measures unless there were clear amendments ensuring they are proportionate and comply with Ethiopia’s human rights treaty obligations, both regional and international.

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  1. Approving a state of Emergency in Ethiopia at the very time the TPLF led government released some opponents shows the nature of the regime. A tiger never changes its stripes, they say.The olive branch was extended hoping that it can deflate the ever increasing public pressure, so as to buy time. It wasn’t meant and will never be meant to address the legitimate grievances of the people. That has never been in TPLF’s DNA. We have seen this game being played repeatedly in the last three decades. We won’t be deceived by TPLF’s treacherous ploys and laid back from our struggle. In unison, we’ll achieve what is best for our country.

  2. First of all the state of Emergency FAILED the necessary vote to implement in spite the TPLF LED REGIME Pass it anyways,the Notoriously known TPLF practices of peoples Vote stealing is not new to Ethiopians it’s almost 3 decades of practices
    THE state of Emergency was Never meant to protect law and Order,it rather was to secure TPLF Power from the People of Ethiopia

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