Ethiopia: Making Sense of Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa’s Self-Contradictions

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tsegayeAnyone who is following the current Ethiopian politics, especially news and developments in relation to the Oromo Protest in the last six months, would be familiar with who Dr. Tsegaye R. Ararssa is. In my view, Dr. Tsegaye is one of the more prominent intellectual faces of the Oromo Protest. Starting from this sentence, I address Dr. Tsegaye as Tsegaye, because of a friendship that spans over two decades that makes addressing a friend with a title awkward. Despite our disagreements in our views concerning Ethiopia, I have never ceased to regard Tsegaye as my friend. I address him in this piece as such.
The rationale for this piece: One of the key reasons for my decision to write this piece consists in my desire, which I hope Tsegaye shares, to see Tsegaye reorient his public engagement with people who are active participants in issues that affect and shape the future of Ethiopia. It is my desire to see a redemption of Tsegaye’s mode of engagement for his own sake and for the sake of the public good. It is my deep concern with Tsegaye’s subjecting people who disagree with him to public ridicule and humiliation that led me to address my concern in public. It is also my hope that other public intellectuals and participants in public discussions and debates regarding issues that affect Ethiopia would take a note that our culture of public engagement needs a lot of change and improvement.
I have witnessed Tsegaye violate the norms of public engagement with people who disagree with him, and this violation of the norms of public engagement is fast closing the public sphere. It is very likely that Tsegaye will end up being alone with no one being willing to engage him in a public arena, both in the social (Facebook) and the traditional media (TV and Radio). By “norms of public engagement” I mean to refer to (a) civility in dialogue with people with whom one disagrees on important issues, (b) respect to both the views and persons who present views that are in disagreement with one’s dialogue partner, and (c) charity in interpreting another person’s views. Some of the readers of this piece might be surprised to hear that Tsegaye has violated any of the norms of public engagement in his interactions with people who hold views with which Tsegaye disagrees.  Below I present the evidence from his writings on his Facebook that shows his pre-emptive tactic for people who could and would want to engage him in a public forum. As the evidence shows, it becomes clear that when people avoid engaging him in a public forum, he would   appear as the one who has issued an invitation for a public debate, but no one is willing to debate him in public. I show that Tsegaye’s mode of operation makes engaging him in a debate something like an invitation to engage in an exercise in an intellectual and moral morass. The one who is willing to debate him must also be willing to be the subject of personal attacks from Tsegaye in public, especially on Tsegaye’s Facebook.  Who, in his/her right mind, would be willing to be the subject of Tsegaye’s public attacks for every disagreement in their views with his views? A person who issues an invitation to debate with others and at the same time engages in a public personal attack of the people who disagreed with him is like a person who enters a competitive sport alone and ends up being  a winner, as it were. Next I present the evidence from Tsegaye’s Facebook posts and commentaries.
The Evidence: On his Facebook page Tsegaye has offered a commentary on the Wazema radio interview of Drs. Semahegn G. Abebe and Derese G. Kassa.  His commentary was titled: “Arguing a non-issue, Answering a non-question.” The commentary was posted on May 6 at 7:47am. In that commentary Tsegaye writes, “Now, Deresse says Zewg is related to Zewd (to mean crown). (Does this guy know Amharic and the etymological roots of the word?)”.  He adds, “Apparently, intermarriage absolves the state of all constitutive wrongs.”Yes, yes, there was conquest and violence. But there was also a unity we should celebrate! Yes, unity, because we started to inter-marry! You know!”  [Note the sarcasm]. (What has marriage got to do with it? This guy must be insane.)” Furthermore, he adds, “And then, right then, he derides ethno-nationalists for being primordialists who talk of blood, genealogy, etc. Didn’t he just talk about inter-marriage and mixed births. (Truly, this guy doesn’t listen to himself. I think he needs friends who need to echo his voice to him….” He goes on to add, “The most hilarious part is that this Deresse fellow calls ethno-nationalists primordialists who lack imagination. Why?” And: “And then, Deresse waxes lyrical in praising nostalgia (longing for the past) and even arrogantly says that one can only long for the past. Really? (He doesn’t even know the difference between nostalgia and longing. How pathetic can you be, my friend?).” And he adds: “But, for now, I just can’t stop laughing at the recent tirade, this renewed scramble to generate a discourse of imperial counter-insurgency.”
Most recently, in his Facebook post titled, “Nothing is Uglier than a Poor Caricature–especially of EPRDF” (May 12 at 2:35am) among so many similar comments, Tsegaye writes, “Some self-appointed Ethiopisant ‘intellectuals’ (especially those who never read a book beyond the introduction) are trying to foment a (borrowed) hatred on the Oromo. They write from a space of (borrowed) Oromophobia to silence the discourse around the Oromoprotests. Those that dared to take their hateful and fear-mongering propaganda I have publicly engaged. I have even challenged to an open public debate. And none dared to do so. However, I am informed by friends that they are throwing their tantrums here and there on Facebook (until they re-group and come back through Wazema Radio or Sebat Kilo, etc). PS. A piece of advise [sic]: do your studies properly, read books AND finish them rather than running a thread of tantrums here and there. Tantrums don’t make up a PhD.”
In his Facebook post in which Tsegaye reposted his interview on Wazema Radio with Dr. Semahegn,  he prefaces his post by writing the following: “For the sake of the bigoted Ethiopianists (or ‘Ethiopisants’ as Ullendorf says), who listen to the voice of the ghost in their head whenever an Oromo person speaks rather than to what the latter says; for the sake of those who never want to come out and debate issues of common concern in public; for the sake of those who comfort themselves with mooshy platitudes that pass for learned discourses; I have to share this again if only to irritate them infinitely more (for I don’t otherwise owe an explanation to the idiots, especially to the bigoted breed).” [April 15, 2016 at 12:31am]. If one thinks that Tsegaye’s personal attack is limited to those with whom he disagrees on issues he publicly engaged, the following quotation, again from his Facebook, shows that there is a pattern of his attack against almost anyone who holds different views than his, especially his interpretation of things pertaining to the Oromo people.  For example, on his post on March 1, 2016 at 8:13am, 2016, Tsegaye expressed the following view regarding Menelik II and the significance of Adwa for black people, “This is also the Menelik that these nonthinking Ethiopians (averse to critical thinking while pretending to understand history or their country) are trying to celebrate as the man who fought Adwa to defend and secure the freedom of black peoples across the globe.” In this connection, in another of his Facebook posts, Tsegaye alluded to Bewketu Seyoum’s new book, Ke Amen Bashager, in which Bewketu discusses Menelink, as follows: “With all this in the background, when people come out to fetishize Adowa as a war fought and won for the emancipation of black peoples of the world, I cringe at the lie. When I see scholars, poets, lyricists, and wannabe historians (apologists of empire such as Psychologist turned poet Bewketu [Seyoum]) who seek to fabricate a new set of narratives that the old man [Menelink] himself would totally reject, I smile.” [March 1, 2016 at 1:03 pm]. Now, it is natural if some, who are familiar with Tsegaye’s media appearances on the TV and radios, would be puzzled by the evidence that is in conflict with the Tsegaye that is familiar for so many. I offer below an explanation that can mitigate the puzzling experience.  Other explanations are also available, but I do not intend to pursue them for various reasons.
Two Tsegayes: Here is one way of understanding Tsegaye’s strategy that leads people to think that Tsegaye has not been observed violating the norms of public engagement or mistreating people who disagree with him. TSEGAYE OF THE TRADITIONAL MEDIA, the TV and Radio: In most of his TV interviews with ESAT and radio interviews/conversations with the VOA and Wazema, he restrains himself from violating the norms of public engagement or ridiculing and condescendingly dismissing others and their views. In my view, the reason for exercising restraint is easy to understand: The TV and radio interviews have a larger audience in Ethiopia, especially those who do not use the social media, and that is an important target for his purpose. Note that Tsegaye emerged as a public intellectual and an Oromo activist in the context of the Oromo Protest. So, in my view, Tsegaye acts in the traditional media appearances deliberately different posing as a public intellectual with little evidence that resembles what I presented above.  TSEGAYE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook): Tsegaye adopts a completely different personality for his social media operation or mode of engagement. [Note that Tsegaye’s social media audience has access to the traditional media version of Tsegaye, but the majority of those Tsegaye targets as his larger audience in Ethiopia do not have access to the Tsegaye of the social media,  and to the evidence as to how Tsegaye operates on the social media].   As the evidence above shows, on his Facebook page, he frequently belittles, ridicules people who hold different political views than his and he is condescendingly dismissive of the views of people who shared a platform, for example, on the Wazema Radio interviews. Next, I show negative effects of Tsegaye of the social media in the public arena in the current Ethiopian politics, which is a great disservice to Tsegaye as an active participant in current issues that affect Ethiopia and the broader culture of public engagement for the good of the Ethiopian people.
Tsegaye’s Media Strategy: Of the two Tsegayes, Tsegaye of the traditional media (TV, Radio) is an amicable, apparently respectful dialogue partner. But the Tsegaye of the social media is what the evidence shows. Note this: Those same people who are targets of his public ridicule, and humiliation are observed to be the same people whom he invites to the public debate. Does Tsegaye,  it’s not clear which Tsegaye I’m talking about now, sincerely believe that his invitation is genuine, and he means what he says? Does he not have any idea what the effect of Tsegaye of the social media would have on his debate partners on the TV or radio? I bet that he does have a clear idea about the impact of his social media posts in which he engages in bullying and belittling his potential debate or discussion partners. If he has a good idea about the negative impact of his social media behavior, why does he engage in it? Here is one plausible explanation I can think of: When people who hold opposing views to his decline to engage him because of his abusive behavior, Tsegaye will appear like the only intellectual whose views no one could challenge. It is already clear that he is claiming, as I have quoted him above, that no one “dared” to engage him in a public debate despite his public invitation. I leave it to my readers to judge whether Tsegaye’s invitation is a genuine invitation for a public debate with people who hold different views in light of his public abusive behavior.
To be left without anyone to engaging him in a public debate to challenge his views seems to be the scenario he wants to emerge in the current public sphere.  This unfortunately is exactly what happens when a regime like Ethiopia’s treats its citizens, dissidents as a result of which the state media becomes the only voice without other competing voices. Likewise, Tsegaye will emerge, apparently, as “the only unchallenged voice” when it comes to promoting his views in relation to Ethiopia and as an Oromo intellectual and activist. Strikingly, when public intellectuals act the way Tsegaye of the social media acts, the public arena, especially about the debate involving the Oromo intellectuals, of whom Tsegaye is a prominent one, will look like the composition of the parliament in Ethiopia. In this case, Tsegaye of the traditional media assisted by Tsegaye of the social media, would resemble the EPRDF parliament whereas people who disagree with his views would resemble members of the opposition party, which is zero. Note that I am just drawing a striking analogy between the composition of the Ethiopian parliament, familiar for the Ethiopian readers, and the most likely scenario that seems to portray what it is like to engage Tsegaye in a public forum. I believe the last person Tsegaye wants to look like in his public behavior is the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi who acted as if he knew everything and everyone else was wrong. To ensure that Meles must be listened to, and emerge right about almost everything, he had to use guns to silence dissident voices. Tsegaye uses abusive public behavior to silence those who disagree with him. [Interestingly and ironically, almost every view that is presented by people who disagree with Tsegaye’s  in the current Oromo Protest,  he interprets such views  as being intended to silence the voice of the Oromo people. Even when those who disagree with him are Oromos themselves! I encourage readers to visit Tsegaye’s Facebook for evidence].   I think no one wants to see Tsegaye become “Meles Zenawi” # 2 in a public sphere where issues affecting the state of Ethiopia are being discussed, and debated without any respect to the norms of public engagement.  Even though Tsegaye can manage to appear in a winsome manner in the traditional media, his social media behavior has proved to be abortive or pre-emptive of the realization of fruitful public debates and dialogues with Tsegaye in the traditional media. It is quite astonishing for me to see a public intellectual who is becoming one of the most prominent voices against the tyrannical government in Ethiopia act and operate in a much similar manner to that very government! It is to be noted that my conception of “two Tsegayes” is a suggestion I proposed to make sense of the two quite different modes of media operations by Tsegaye. I submit that this is a mode of media operation Tsegaye has intentionally adopted for reasons I offered above.
A plea from an old friend: Tsegaye has become a prominent champion of the value and the use of memory, and remembering past atrocities committed against the people of Ethiopia by various regimes, and people groups against other people groups in Ethiopia. Remembering is championed for the purpose of bringing about reconciliation between those who committed injustice and their victims. As an Oromo, he has become a key voice for this project. Reconciliation can come about when those who committed injustice acknowledge their role and ask their victims for forgiveness.  As a champion of the project of remembering to bring about reconciliation, I urge Tsegaye to publicly acknowledge his unfair treatment of people in public as documented above and to apologize to whoever has been a victim of his public abusive behavior. Hence, I publicly issue a plea to my old friend, as a friend, to sacrifice (to say “no” to) his abusive public behavior for his own sake and for the sake of fruitful intellectual engagement with others to contribute ideas, visions, and perspectives that can positively affect the future of Ethiopia and the quest for justice for the Oromo people, for which Tsegaye is a champion. I implore my old friend to be a responsible and an exemplary public intellectual who deeply cares about the value of character in both a public sphere as well as in one’s personal treatments of others, even those who sharply yet respectfully disagree with one’s views.
I close this piece with a couple of excerpts from Tsegaye’s emails [to me] from 2011 so that Tsegaye can be sure that I do remember and cherish our longtime friendship, which I see no reason why we cannot continue to cultivate and cherish despite our disagreements regarding issues concerning Ethiopia: On July 25, 2011 Tsegaye wrote:  “…I owe it to you to do it well, whatever it is that I choose to do. (You started me into writing, remember (?)– whether it is pieces, essays, papers, or articles, and hopefully books.) As I might have probably said it before, you are one of the folks for whose sakes I want to succeed in my academic or any other career. I owe it to you as much, my friend.” In another email the same date: “Thanks for your kind responses. No, I am not being kind. It is just my way of being grateful to you for investing in me through your books, through the long times we spent together, through the pieces we exchanged, especially when you were in Soddo [1994-1995], and through the life you modelled to me (a life of committed mind, committed passionately to the pursuit of the life of the mind). I hope your efforts will prove to be worth their whiles in the years to come.” Your wishes, my friend, have continued to be realized for quite some time and I want to say thank you, once again. I shared these couple of excerpts from Tsegaye’s old emails as a testament to our once great friendship that is now the source of my confidence that Tsegaye will take my appeal to him seriously so that he can exhibit an exemplary public presence in the days and in the years to come. Finally, I want to assure you (Tsegaye)   that I’ve forgiven you of all the things you’ve said about me on your Facebook posts without mentioning my name. I do also ask you to forgive me for anything that was not proper that I said about you without mentioning your name on my Facebook posts.  I am sure you, Tsegaye, can tell by now one more reason why I chose to write this piece in this manner. If I shared views that are in disagreement with Tsegaye’s views on my Facebook posts by mentioning his name, I could easily tell that Tsegaye would most likely say similar things he has said to others as I documented above, besides what he has said without mentioning me be my name. Since I do not want to engage Tsegaye in such a manner, I decided to seek another venue, this one, to address my concern. I am sure many others would share with me the concern I share in this piece. I have one more reason to choose to address Tsegaye in this manner: For many years Tsegaye and I were among the best of friends, and it is my heart’s desire to see Tsegaye continue to positively contribute to the public discussion and debate about a country, Ethiopia, that has shaped our lives in so many ways than we can say. I consider addressing Tsegaye in this manner, in public, as one way of recognizing him because he deserve a recognition for the kind of work he is doing and will do.
*Tedla Woldeyohannes is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri. Tedla has taught Philosophy at Western Michigan University and Saint Louis University.

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  1. Tedla’s hatred to the oromos is enormous, deep and boundless. His dream for the old feudal Ethiopia lives with him to his last breath. What an unfortunate man!

  2. This is what we call organic Intellectual. bravo Tedla. Real Intellectual are polite. They argue ideas not individuals.
    Ethiopia Needs more of you in this most agonizing chapter in her history.
    There is no other option , except working out a mechanism to coexist with equality, justice for all and uncompromising property right for individuals.
    Dwelling on past mistakes is good if only to learn from mistakes and prevent it from repeating .
    If we want to start past mistakes , Where should we start? 1200 or 1500 AD? or as most love it 1880?.
    Conquest, Mediocracy and bigotry won’t solve our eternal infighting.

    • Mr. Mesfin
      Thanks for your writing:
      “There is no other option , except working out a mechanism to coexist with equality, justice for all and uncompromising property right for individuals.
      Dwelling on past mistakes is good if only to learn from mistakes and prevent it from repeating” .
      -That is exactly why we the Oromos fighting for, It falls on deaf ear of the people from Feudal Ethiopia Lovers.
      The past mistakes need to be mentioned, discussed and recorded as the history of our country, so it won’t repeated by the future generations. Please talk to the people like Tedla. He is on the losers side of the history.

    • Mr. Mesfin, Thanks for the writing:
      “There is no other option , except working out a mechanism to coexist with equality, justice for all and uncompromising property right for individuals.
      Dwelling on past mistakes is good if only to learn from mistakes and prevent it from repeating” .
      That is exactly why we the Oromos fighting for. Not for dominance, but for equality and justice. It is the Tedla’s side who fights to bring the horrible past.

  3. There was a popular Sunday morning broadcast by Ethiopia Radio a while back. It used to find it very entertaining, packed with interviews of celebrities and known personalities. I recall an interview with Dr Paulos Qana’a, the famous optician at Tiqur Anbessa. A question was posed to him – “Dr Paulos, they say sometimes you angrily talk to patients. Is that true, if so why?” Here was a witty reply from Dr. Paulos: “I give him an eye drop, repeatedly showing him how to use it and how often to drop it into his eye. He comes the next day only to tell me that he actually drunk the thing! What would you do?!” I do not think Dr Tsegaye is in any better position. It looks he is dealing with individuals who are keen to subject him to some monologue, rather than have a dialogue with him to arrive at some consensus.

  4. Is that a student writing an appeal to his Teacher? I see a big difference between the intellectual ability between these two people huge huge. Although I agree that Tsegaye must forget the habasha tactics of belittling others (sometimes I enjoy it actually to counter attack) just go and look what ever illiterate habasha is doing to an oromo scholar,
    I will give Tsegaye to ton a bit down on FB his anger but never stop screwing any hidden snakes from the bottom line with fact based and expose the skeleton of this hate.
    BRAVE Tsegaye, they made us cry for 100 of years with 1000’s of lies to belittle our people, and only you and Jawar are showing them with equal reaction.

  5. Tedla waldeyohannes empty head! you don’t know any thing about Tsegaye Ararsa. you are “Tsilla” we know that what you are going to tell us. But you have to know that no ear for “tsilla” after all. Tsegaye Ararsa is intellectual person. Tsegaye Ararsa is pure Oromo, why you talk about Oromo? Tigire can not talk about Oromo and Oromia.

  6. Fighting on ideas, on concepts, on personal opinions, on words, etc. are typical manifestations of self-ignorant.
    The world is full of such people but rare people who truly know themselves genuinely.

  7. Your argument itself contradict like your title and immoral idea. I think you are those “Nefxenya rizirazx” always attacking Otomo intellectual.

  8. Mr Tedla write the gossip on Facebook as commentary how this are embarrassed to write this as an intellectual instead of that its good to write the article that contribute for our poor country Ethiopia. Our country needs that intellectuals.

    Oromos local governments anti advancement aggressive nature creating an opportunity to other Ethiopian regions. Oromia will stay aggerrian and backward for centures to come.
    Oromos regional local governments becoming aggressive,self destructive and anti oromos social and economic advancement by being anti international investors by being unregulated and short sighted, Oromos politicians now officially pushing away international companies and international investors from developing the oromo region, and in the result endless international investors now investing hundreds of millions of dollars in other Ethiopian regions.
    Those who misunderstood the power of capitalism will suffer greatly.

  10. i would not waste a breath on this olf dog, Ararssa. Olf were in power with tplf from 1991-1994. they massacred amharas in thousands , burnt amharas alive and finally tplf kicked them out of the country.

    • Torr stupid ask TPLF who killed the people. Those killed by TPLF “As amara” were mostly Oromo from Shewa who moved south after their land is taken by stupid dictators in Addis abeba and surrounding, and their no Amara. You are doing just a propaganda here.
      You people are evil, you use the victim twice, First you evict them, then when they start life somewhere, you kill them and claim they are amara hopping amara and Oromo will fight and you will be in power for ever. Noone is fool.

  11. Claim of friendship – Stop your BS claim that Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa is your friend. What a cheap hit job? You only exposed your bigoted outlook of the Oromo by staining an intellectual – you are no match to Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa’s caliber. It is expected of pin-heads like you to look for opportune moments and spread hate and fear of the Oromo by anyone standing to your garbage.

  12. This guy called Tsegaye seemed Nice and interesting when I saw his interview on ESAT, for anyone Who sees his Facebook posts It is clear that he has a deep hatred For anything Ethiopia (be It culture, history or even its existence for that matter). What is sad is that Ethiopia paved the way for what he is Today by providing him free education…and now he throws his tantrums on his country. I wish that one day he will wake up but it doesn’t matter if it is with the likes of him or not, Ethiopians of all walks of life will one day wash out the hatred that is planted by Meles and al on the likes of Dr Tsegaye.

    • Ethiopia did not provide him free education, rather Oromia who provide him including you and the likes….
      Tsegaye, ilma Oromoo jiraadhu ati

  13. Just go away – back to your cave and self promotion with nothing to show for your expertise in highland intrigue. Their is nothing new here – it is customary for highland thugs to smear and badmouth Oromo patriots. Your petit campaign to discourage or disrupt the the leaders of the Oromo struggle for liberation aint gonna work no more. You and your likes did similar campaign to other Oromo leaders.
    Claim of friendship – Stop your BS claim that Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa is your friend. What a cheap hit job? You only exposed your bigoted outlook of the Oromo by staining an intellectual – you are no match to Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa’s caliber. It is expected of pin-heads like you to look for opportune moments and spread hate and fear of the Oromo by anyone standing to your garbage. The attempt of your self-glorification by introducing claimed email correspondence with Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa shows his decency to even try to communicate with a wannabe philosopher like yourself.

  14. This so called idiot Dr Tsegaye is obsessed with Amharas while Tigrians are murdering their people lol OLFites are criminals who have the blood of thousands of innocent Amharas and these sick and hateful OLFites still preaching hate towards Amharas for the second round of massacre on Amharas.
    What Dr Tsegaye and other sick and coward OLFites do not know is that when they declare their dream Oromiya Republic, Amhara people will not sit and let them take their ancesstoral land SHEWA and Wollega taken over by Oromo invaders 300 years ago and declaring the Oromia republic would be the begging of the end as Amha will not by no means OLF take their land

    Should Oromos extremist wing/OLF appologize for mass slaughtering and genociding Amharas in the years of 1990’s that residing in wollega region ? ? ?
    How about Neftegna Amaras (Debub Amraras) should apologize for oppressing,for stealing Oromos land, enslaving and mass genociding Oromos since Menilike era ? ? ?

  16. Just go away – back to your cave and self promotion with nothing to show for your expertise in highland intrigue. Their is nothing new here – it is customary for highland thugs to smear and badmouth Oromo patriots. Your petit campaign to discourage or disrupt the the leaders of the Oromo struggle for liberation aint gonna work no more. You and your likes did similar campaign to other Oromo leaders.
    Claim of friendship – Stop your BS claim that Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa is your friend. What a cheap hit job? You only exposed your bigoted outlook of the Oromo by staining an intellectual – you are no match to Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa’s caliber. It is expected of pin-heads like you to look for opportune moments and spread hate and fear of the Oromo by anyone standing to your garbage. The attempt of your self-glorification by introducing claimed email correspondence with Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa shows his decency to even try to communicate with a wannabe philosopher like yourself.

  17. I cannot make any sense out of this infantile diatribe brother Tedla. I know little about Dr. Tsegaye and you, much less to care, but my questions are where the gist of your argument and originality? Where are the ideas and intellectual power of yours to convince the reader? You are doing exactly what are accusing of him and that is personal attack and defamation by citing an informal social media and gossipy stuff. Is this somehow a typical habesha’s Jealousy direct at the success of an old in the academia world if one gives the benefit doubt of your friendship story? Just curios!

  18. Ararsaa,
    THE BIG HEAD THINKS HE KNOWS everything. this olf thug must know that Adwa is real. patriotic oromos fought in the war along side amharas, gurages, sidamas, tigres, etc etc and YES ,emperor Menelik coordinated and led the Ethiopian people into battle and won.
    Ararsa should go to Italy and find out about what happened. The Italians will tell you. Go and visit the war museum in Rome. your fabrication and lie wont change the history that MENELIK made. it it written in stone tablets.
    And YES, it was after the Adwa victory that black liberation movements against colonialism emerged and the Ethiopian victory over white supermasist fascists was a major blow to their pride.
    Ararsa also talks about Ethiopian colonialism of oromos. STOP TALKING YOUR NONSENSE, ONLY TO USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE SO THAT YOU CAN JUSTIFY MASSACRING THE AMHARA. no such thing as what you call colonialism existed within Ethioipia. you do not even know the concept of colonialism.

  19. Tsegaye never been OLF, and as far as I know, he never supported any opposition movement. He was purely professional who worked for the Ethiopian Civil Service College for more than a decade. He also trained and researched for the Ethiopian Parliament. UNLESS he is motivated to get asylum or radicalized by OLF activists in Australia, he was one of the best lecturers who shaped students at the Ethiopian Civil Service College before the Faculty of Law phased out.

  20. Dr Tedla was born in wolayita and got scholarship to study philosophy at USA. He was given promise to teaches at Addis Abeba university this promises was given before even finished his course to replace Dr Danyachew, as a philosophy lecturere because this was done by cadres of Addis abeba university they want to sack Danyachew but there was a shortage of philosophy teacher. Tedla himself confirmed by his interview at Tabot college news paper.when experienced lecturer like Dr Merara and Dr Daynachew sacked by woyane cadres they gave him a promise even before finishing his course. If he denied I will post the newspaper he gave interview. So Ethiopian government send many of his people to USA and Europe as opposition. My advice is Its good to be wise to check the back ground of every one before we accept it as a genuine opposition.

    • Dear Sitotaw,
      You have distorted view of Tedla. Tedla does not have any attachment to the Ethiopian Government neither to opposition movements. He got all education and scholarship opportunities on his own effort, though I’m not sure of a promise he got from AAU. I plausibly know that both Dr. Tsegaye and Tedla were very intimate friends. Their friendship was built in AAU campus. Tedla’s family still now consider Dr. Tsegaye as their family. They know each other very well and there is no ethnic issue at all. It may be puzzling why Tedla opted to expose the relationship in public.

  21. Dear Duresa,
    You said Dr. Tedla is Tigre but not he is from wolayita however the reality is Dr Tedla was given promises as a philosophy lecturer at AAU before he finished his course AT USA to replace the PHILOSOPY lacturer at AAU DR DANYACHEW.He himself confirmed at his interview at Talbot school this opportunities was given.when the experineced lecture sacked why given promises to lecture at AAU?now he wrote this article intentionally to sow the hate between to major tribes. Actually he is not Tigraians but from Wolayita a cousin of Hailemariam Desalegn.

  22. @B.K,
    The truth is We Oromos always been the victims.
    We Oromos done nothing to Amharas, but the Amharas had oppressed and killed our people since King Minilk’s kingdom. We Oromos even forced to promote Amharas culture and forced to speak Amharas minorities language in expense of Oromos majority language/Afaan.
    Our Oromo forefathers were systematically exploited by Amhara feudals as sharecroppers worse as semi slaves, even our Oromo mothers were raped by these evil feudals.

    • Wakjerraa
      Please do not pretend to be Oromo. You are either shabia or Weyane. Oromos were never oppressed. It is a big lie to just try to undermine and to intentionally antagonize the two major tribes. I know many shabias working behind to create a big rift between the two major groups. Weyanes are doing too. I am Oromo and know this for very sure. But the reality is the time has come for the two major groups to stand on their commons and put aside their differences to be the pillars of our country and nation. So, you game is obsolete

  23. Sitotaw:
    Thank you for exposing this woyane cadre masquerading as a political commentator. Tedla is a wannabe philosopher aka Woyane thug as his cousin Hailemariam. It seems that he has blood in his hand and must be reported to FBI and human rights watch for a follow-up of his criminal past.

  24. wakjeera
    the tplf lap dog, you are a tigre pretending to be orommo. tigres have built a statue of a mutilated woman for the oromo to ‘remind the oromo what the amhara did to them’

  25. The wheel of history cannot be stopped. The current Oromo movment was conceived at the early years after Menilik conquered the south including the Oromo people. Instead of including the victims of invasion into the proper structural order of the country, they robbed them of their land, culture, language and proceeded as colonialists do to the worst kind of subjugation. Haile Selassie had to follow in the foot steps of Menilik. The Oromo people were plotting some times openly and at other times clandestinely to throw off the shackles of history. Those struggles culminated in the most profound uprising in Ethiopia. Some Ethiopianists still do not know how to handle the current uprising. The Tigrean-led government has instituted a military rule on Oromia. This action is even exacerbating the situation further. Ethiopian extremists are trying their best to face the inevitable. No country with its major ethnic group marginalized from the power structure so openly can survive for long.

  26. TEDLA W.Y. should be commended for a very, very interesting contribution to both the diaspora media that does not know T. Regassa and to Regassa himself. So many of us were waiting for somebody to speak about Regassa and we’re lucky that TEDLA who knows him for two décades spoke. We hope Regassa would listen and reflect on his opinions and practices which we found despicable .
    The disapora media encourages vocal “volence” which Regass seems to have espoused as his style presumably all his life.
    As TEDLA ably showed, Regassa’s style is notoriously unintellectual exemplified by his impatient to lisen and accomodate different points of view. It’s always his thought or no ones thought as if he has the Monopoly of the truth.
    Sadly, from ESAT to VOA to SBS Regassa has become their uncontested darling. In most of his talks, he has not faced mature legal or other scholars to challenge him. In fact, the said media outlets don’t have airtime to different views from Regassa’s and his likes simply because of their partisanship in the political divide and fear that they might lose sympathetic listeners.
    In most of his talks, Regassa appears alone; maybe because he asks for it. During the pick of the recent Oromo uprising, in one interview with S. Agena of ESAT, Regassa said so many wrong things about the Ethiopian constitution, laws and practices in the country. Some of us let him say whatever he wanted including lies and mislead many because we were focused on the uprising which was unfolding at the time.
    I personally feel face book is a private space and Regassa can say whatever he wants, but other public media should counter – balance his prefered free ride by challenging voices of moderation and reason. Whoever knows Regass can tell you that he only agrees with you if you accept whatever he says. Raise a differnt opinion, he will attack you mostly preemtively to defend himself. If you don’t back off, you’re definitely the enemy.
    Grow up, Regassa.

  27. I have seen Mr Tsegaye Ararssa’s interview and I thought he has a good grasp of what is going on in Ethiopia, and in the interview he also pointed out who is the enemy of Ethiopia,and oromo Ethiopians in particular. Respectful decorum is a prerequisite to have an intellectual discussion, so as well versed intellectual we can only expect higher ethical standard in any media Tsegaye wants to expound his ideas. Sure it doesn’t matter how intellectually advanced we are sometimes we get emotional when individuals insult us or misrepresent facts, but we expect from an intellectual Mr Tsegaye’s caliber much more,and rightly so. But on the other hand as long as Ad Hominem attacks are removed from our discourse, we can present our argument with passion. The future we are trying to build should accommodated a healthy discussion based on facts. We also need to find a common solution for what ill us all. there is no panacea for all our ills.However,we can not be healthy society, in political terms, if the medicine we are seeking excludes others. We can not cure TPLF’s ethino-aparthied ill governance by prescribing or using the same ethnocentric poison. we have to be clear-eyed for what kind of end we are looking for, that should direct us how we need to strategaize our struggle to true freedom and equality and development.

  28. Here I see one clear message when I read from these so called intellectuals who call themselves Oromo ; bitterness and like a small kid they always want to be heard their version only .Therefore we have no reason to work with their narrow head nationalism but work towards our agenda and win to entertain our great Ethiopia.

  29. I am not surprised by Tedla’s writing. It is a writing inspired by the fear of the potential in the oromos struggle for political power and a prejudice against the oromos. Those who engage in enlightening the Oromo people must be stopped at the earliest possible stage. Under Tedlas belief system education and enlightenment is for his group not for the Oromos. His belief system fears the enlightenment of the Oromo people. His belief system prescribes second place for the oromos and reserves the first place only for those from his political group. Those who engage in enlightening the Oromo people must be stopped at the earliest possible stage. They must be discredited and characterized so that the unjustified dominance of Tedla’s political group is maintained. Because Tedla’s political group exploits the common people’s lack of knowledge, the enlightenment of the common people is its enemy.

  30. BK,
    I see no reason why showa amaras Apologize to uncivilized Oromos, after all, it is us Amaras who help Oromos be civilized from their tree hugging and from praying for tree as their God.

    • Dejene is TPLF thugs. Noboy asked Shewa Oromo (you said them amara you fool), to apologize. Sure yours will be live that you pay for what you did under camera.

    • BK we know who you are. you are not Amhara. you are either Shabia but most like;ly Weyane. you stupid play is now old fashioned. Never ever think the two major groups will depart. I am Oromo and now know for sure, that Weyane is using an old tactic of dividing the two giants. It is now obsolete and indeed, desperate tactics. Weyane should be genuine and work hard to bring genuine change and should be part of it before it is too late. Time is running out. Oromos and Amaras- now stand on their commons and put aside their differences to decide our future (they are the major stakeholders).

  31. So called “Shegitu Dadi” aka Meles Teklay zeimnegede Woyane – Your bigoted and thuggish comment does not have any audience than your Woyane compatriots.Laughable that you characterize that Dr Tesfaye is alone. Dr Tesfaye Arrarsa has 40 million strong Oromos with him. So get real and get used to reality and away with your pin-head smear.

  32. Dejene aka Tedla:
    You and the likes of you are ignorant, delusional and clueless highland thugs.The Amhara wannabes like Hailemariam & Tedla on behalf of their Tigre masters have now mastered the amharic language and masquerade as an Amhara and speak of Ethiopian Unity – to create wedge between the Oromo Ethiopians and the non-Oromo Ethiopians, especially sowing seeds of conflict between Oromos & Amharas.
    Woyane/TPLF will be crushed soon – and the Woyane criminals and their back-up singers will be brought to face justice. The treasure, wealth and resource looted by Woyane will be returned to its proper owners. Oromos and freedom loving Ethiopians will kick the illiterate fascistic Adwa thugs. Just go away – You are intellectually bankrupt and not in Dr Tesfaye Arrarsa’s league – Surprise Surprise Oromos love Dr Tesfaye Arrarsa.

  33. Some highland thugs in the name of the Amhara obsessed with anything Oromo and continue to smear and spread venom in the form of the fear and hate of the Oromo people. They use thuggish culture to stain the legitimate struggle of the Oromo and Oromo leaders with all the garbage, hoping one will stick! Just go away and suck-up your Tigre masters!

  34. I wonder why Oromo elites cry like a fool and blame Amharas for colonizing them while Menilik and the leaders like Lij Eyasu, Zewditu,.Teferi and Megistu and the king maker of the Menilik era Habtegiorgis were all either half or full Oromos.
    OLFites knows the truth but they intentionally spread the Amhara colonization myth to exterminate Amharas

  35. Today I listened BBC about how nationalist Ukranian are trying to t
    Re-write history to be embraced by the west. All documents related to pro- Hittler are getting removed from archive. Even mentioning these articles is going to be crime . History re-writing is a big business . Tplf , olf are writing new history. Silence is appeasing these morons. They need to be told the truth and fact . In feudal Ethiopia all have commuted crimes .

  36. Dear Sitotaw,as you mentioned the 2nd beneficiaries of TPLF is Wolayita next to Tigraians while they are majority Oromo and Amhara do not have any power in this government they are denied their democratic right according their majority not only that they said oromo narrow Amhara chuvanist. They killed both and take their land by force by using governmental power they changed their identity by force , annexed the town they want to Tigrai.Now the struggle started the power of TPLF start to shake. Dr.Ararsa at VOA and German Radio expose the True reality of Woyane by debating with woyane Cadres. This create fear on Tedla, and his tribe may loose this advantage. The only way to live freely to create hostility and hate between oromo and Amhara . Thus why Tedla did this.

  37. So called “Selam” “Dejene” and all other Tigre thugs: Your age old “Legesse Zenawi’s” divide and rule tactic by creating wedge between the great people of Oromos and Amharas has expired with the death of the former criminal “Legesse Zenawi”.
    Hello – you pin-heads your man is dead. Go back to your Dedebit and think of other tactic!!!

  38. dejen,
    Why are Nefetegna amaras always undermind and consider Oromos backward or uncivilized ?
    What have you Nefetegnas done as advanced or civilized people except made Ethiopia and Ethiopians the most impoverished country in the world during your reign.
    The truth is it is you Nefetegnas who were backward and uncivilized.

  39. “PS. A piece of advise [sic]: do your studies properly, read books AND finish them rather than running a thread of tantrums here and there. Tantrums don’t make up a PhD.”
    Dear Mr. Tedla;
    Is this what infuriated you most? Measuring from what you have presented here, these words you quoted from Dr. Tsegaye are indeed a strong advice to you from a good friend or a serious reprimand from your tutor. You have amply demonstrated here that you deserve such deriding.
    Where did Dr. Tsegaye do wrong when he states in despair “… the bigoted Ethiopianists, who listen to the voice of the ghost in their head whenever an Oromo person speaks rather than to what the latter says; … those who never want to come out and debate issues of common concern in public; …” but rather resort to name calling and character assassination as you have done here in writing.
    It is not personal attack when you state, ” This guy must be insane….” but Tsegaye’s general commentaries are!
    Why didn’t you criticize his points of arguments as an academician, rather than resorting to old maids gossip?? You intended to blemish the image of Dr. Tsegaye, but what you actually did is belittling yourself. I learned that you are working for your PhD. You are rather a disgrace to the academia.
    For those illiterates/semi-literates on the Oromo:
    1. know the difference between an individual, a nation/nationality and a political system. That Abyssinia conquered and colonized the Oromo and the peoples in the South is a fact that is still in place today. What TPLF is doing is replacing Amhara hegemony by a Tigrean one. When one speaks of Amhara hegemony, it means a political system of dominance spearheaded by the Amhara elite. It is their political system. Whether the whole Amhara people benefited from it is a different issue. Oromos or others non-Amharas participated as individuals.
    2. Lern history objectively: The so loudly propagated massacre of the Amhara is too exaggerated. The Bedenno killings were perpetrated by TPLF to blame the OLF. During the local fighting in Arba-Guggu, more Oromos were killed than Amharas, the TPLF playing the proverbial “YeIbd gelagay”. In Wallagga, about 2000 new settlers were ‘unceremoniously sent home’, because they acted rather as shifta, killing locals and even government officials. The reports on “Massacre” of the Amhara do not, thus, include the objective circumstances.
    Concerning history of Ethiopia viz. Oromo, since objective historiography is missing, argumentation based on current Ethiopian history is good only for semi-literates.

  40. The current junta is telling us unless you pray to the GOD Melese, you are not Ethiopia, the other as face also telling us unless you pray to their another GOD Minilik, you are out. It can only tells how the amara and tigre elites will never been a democrat. All Ethiopian. unite to kick these stupid second rate elites out of Ethiopia before they bring us to disintegration.
    Why I need to pray to a human evils to be Ethiopian? They were both evils and did destroyed the people especially the south.

  41. I agree Oromos should co-exist with others like Amhara in Ethiopia only under one condition. When Amhara elites admit the crime committed against the Oromo People by Monsters like Minilik who has championed mutilation the mothers breast and fathers arms and many atrocities at chalanqo Annole etc. is accepted as truth and not deny the history until then and don’t know who we are both as the Majority people in you so called emeye Ethiopia. We don’t give up and bow down for you emeye Ethiopia until we have the respect we need till the end. Nothing less Naftanys please. we know you want to sing your unity with us until you take back your spot and repeat the atrocities against our people again. We know better there is no room for that. Oromos are way smarter than you think. Follow your comedian Tamange( with no education but lecture the face book video clips)we will follow your enemy our hero JAWAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what we shall win at the end !!!

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