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Ethiopia: Lencho Bati Vs Getachew Reda – Video

Are Ethiopia’s Oromo being violently repressed? – UpFront
Source: Al Jazeera
Lencho Bati

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  1. Appreciate Lencho

    For denouncing terriorst
    For accepting the constitution

    Appreciate Getcho

    For his well articulated Analysis
    For exposing repeated lies

    I urge all to abandon their district ice path and choose negotiation ( This does not include Shabia and slaves )

  2. A very effective message by Lencho Bati that exposed the hypocrisy of the mercenary TPLF regime. Well done you, Lencho!!

  3. If there is any terrorist in Ethiopia. It is the TPLF thugs. The OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 are freedom fighters. They don’t kill civilians to advance political goals which is what a terrorist is. They say, but, but they were declared terrorists by the parliament ( which is a collection of idiots representing TPLF among the various nations). TPLF will fall and it will be bad for them and their mercenaries.


    The OLF wing representing/ Lencho Bati should apologize to all Amharas in Ethiopia and abroad for genociding thousands of innocent Amharas residing in southern part of the country in 1990’s.

  5. Guys!!! The discussion was not bad; both have reasons or ideas and could be solved. The complains those mentioned by Batti is gone now. Currently, the situation is disappeared. The Oromos have demands those demands should be solved just by peace. We don’t want problems on our own. We don’t want to be extremists or the behind followers too. we want to go or march equal with the situations. Time, place, and condition determined for every situations.

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