Ethiopia: Journalist Senay Gebremdhin Reveals Some Dangerous Secrets | SBS Amharic

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Ethiopia: Journalist Senay Gebremdhin Reveals Some Dangerous Secrets | SBS Amharic



  1. Nothing is dangerous if he is wishing to be Ethiopian he is free to do so and it is up to the Ethiopian regime or laws to grant him nationality or not. But no one will like his desire as Eritrean desire. The people in Ethiopia and those who are thinking about Eritrea, must know that Eritrea is an independent state and will be independent for ever. Personal interest will not change the fact on the ground. Some Ethiopian political lords or intellectuals some time they repeat the old songs of successive Ethiopian regimes who crushed in Eritrea. We Eritrean don’t have time to entertain such nonsense idea. Ethiopia and its people will remain as our neighbor and we will have a relation based in mutual respect of territorial integrity of each country. The current regime and the previous regimes in Ethiopia have committee heinous crime against the people of Eritrea and it is in our record history and no one forget it. Every person has his own wish or desire to be nationals of other country but this should not be looked as a political view. The people of these two countries have some common cross-boarder cultural similarity as we have with Sudan and Djibouti. The same as Ethiopia has with Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, S-Sudan. Therefore, the presence of cultural similarity with any country shouldn’t interpenetrate for political gain or shouldn’t be used to birch country independent. We have common cultural similarities and we should you these to build a safe and peaceful neighborhood between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and South Sudan.

  2. Listening to your account makes me feel how much we suffer from self inflicted wounds. Whether one is Eritrean or Ethiopian is a mute issue for me. The narrow minded ethnic based thinkers may give such issue undue weight. As for me, we were one people, we are one people now and for ever more. The irony is, Eritrean separation from Ethiopia did not achieved the aspirations of the EPLF. Instead it created slavery. That is slavery of the very people it promised to liberate from the so called Ethiopian colonialism.
    Thousands are fleeing the country risking rape, torture, and death by their handlers. Just yesterday an article written by James Jeffrey of IRIN under the heading of”Face to face with the Eritrean exodus into Ethiopia” tells us how much the Eritrean people are sick and tired of their government. Their account to cross the heavily mined border area is heart wrenching. Children, women and men running away from their country that told them to choose Freedom from Slavery to secede from Ethiopia. Now, they are fleeing to their back to their own country they once lived and prosper. Our world is churning on two fronts. Ethnicity and religion. These two entities are driving division and hate around the globe. Any religion that despises the other and advocates hate and killings is no religion. In the same manner, any ethnic group that idealize its own ethnic group above others is group of pinheads with no brain cells left to think otherwise. They are worthless morons!
    I am glad over 250,000 Eritreans are sheltered in the Northern part of Ethiopia from the wrath of EPLF. However, we should not forget the fact TPLF and EPLF are two sides of the same coin. I hope and pray the suffering of our people will come to an end sooner than later. Blind nationalism will not help us achieve peace and tranquillity to our people. Reason must prevail and it ought to be the only logic that will get us from the quagmire we are in

  3. Imagine how the people of Eritrea are in
    difficulty and yet they are paying $ 2500.00 for middlemen
    to cross the Ethiopian boarder . The middlemen earns
    $ 1 875 000. 00 per month which is $ 22 500 000. 00
    annually . What a disgraceful for Shabia

  4. Hi Senay !
    Le Oromo hizb betelatinet lemeselef min adefafereh? Keman new yetekefeleh silewuletah? Wayane weys G7? Adekubet yemitil meret, belteh yadekibet wechit, yeshenahibachewuna yarahibachew botawoch huluko ye Oromo nachew? Ya talakina cher hodesefi, mikegninetina kifat yalfeterebet nitsuh hizb. Isun lemekefafelina lemadakem kemidereg tigil lante yemiterf mindinew? Inkuanis le Oromo le yetignawum hizb tinishim yihun tilik betelatinet komeh selam agignteh yemitinor indaymesilih? Yekifatina yetifat menged lemanim aybejim. Demo kahun bohala inkuanis Oromon ke Oromo, Amarana Oromon makefafel atichilum. Rega bel. Asibibet.
    Malka negn. Ke Oromia.

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