Ethiopia Isn’t “Bombing Its Own People”

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Octovber 25, 2021
By Andrew Korybko

The Ethiopian Air Force has been bombing terrorist targets in the Tigray Region over the past week, prompting intense Western media criticism. Allegations are spreading that the military is supposedly “bombing its own people” after claims of civilian casualties. This phrase is a dog whistle that was popularized during the US-led Hybrid Wars on Libya and Syria. It’s intended to advance the weaponized narrative that federal forces are carrying out a so-called “genocide” in the northern part of the country.

In reality, what’s actually happening is that the terrorist-designated Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is on the defensive and therefore desperately trying to generate enough international support on supposed “genocidal” pretexts that a so-called “coalition of the willing” ends up successfully pressuring Ethiopia to halt its operations. Lost amid this latest information warfare offensive against the Horn of Africa country is the fact that federal forces have the international legal right to launch anti-terrorist strikes within their own borders.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government patiently tried to give peace a chance all this summer after pulling federal forces out of the Tigray Region and unilaterally declaring a ceasefire. Prior to the onset of hostilities in November 2020, they did their utmost to advance a peaceful solution to the country’s TPLF-provoked political crisis, but to no avail. The most influential faction of the former ruling party simply didn’t want to compromise and evidently had its mind made up in hindsight on sparking a military conflict if it didn’t get its way.

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Everything didn’t go according to the TPLF’s plans, however, since they’ve been unable to march on Addis Ababa like they previously threatened despite invading the neighboring Afar and Amhara Regions in pursuit of that goal. Not even the support of corrupt UN officials or American pressure on the Ethiopian authorities could change the on-the-ground dynamics in their support. With formerly prominent American and EU officials nowadays openly calling for the “Bosnification” of Ethiopia, the state knew that it had to make a military move.

This explains the timing of the latest anti-terrorist strikes in Tigray. They’re not only meant to degrade the TPLF’s military capabilities, but also to show those members of the international community that have taken the group’s side that they’re backing the losing party in the conflict. Instead of pragmatically reconsidering the wisdom of their prior partisan choice, some of them are redoubling their information warfare efforts against Ethiopia by giving false credence to the TPLF’s discredited “genocide” narrative.

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The Ethiopian Air Force isn’t “bombing its own people” like the TPLF and its supporters claim. Tigrayans are Ethiopians and they’re not being bombed. Only military sites run by the terrorist group that’s captured control of their eponymous region are being targeted. Misreporting on the consequences of these strikes like the Western Mainstream Media has done is meant to imply that Ethiopia is rapidly descending into the “genocidal” violence that they claimed Libya and Syria were suffering from which prompted Western intervention there.

This doesn’t mean that any of those same states will start bombing Ethiopia under the false pretext of the so-called “Responsibility to Protect”, which is actually just a form of “humanitarian imperialism”, but just that they’re trying to put additional pressure on the Horn of Africa country since their proxies are now on the defensive. It’ll be difficult for them to supply the TPLF like before after Ethiopia exposed the means through which US-backed corrupt UN officials were previously doing this.

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Their only recourse is to double down on their information warfare against Ethiopia. This is likely being done with the purpose of establishing the pretext for additional sanctions threats against it on a false “humanitarian” basis in a last-ditch attempt to pressure the government to stop its operations or to punish it if any forthcoming all-out liberation campaign there is successful. This dimension of the American Hybrid War on Ethiopia is being intensified because the West’s TPLF proxies are losing and they don’t have any other way to try to save them.

By Andrew Korybko

American political analyst


  1. What would Western and so called democratically driven counties say about the coup in the Sudan? Alas, will they weep or laugh? We now hear the civilian government members are rounded up and taken to undisclosed location. Is this the outcome America was looking in the vast region of the Sudan? Hard to say. One thing is clear, if the lesson of the past is a clue they will be delighted and continue to work to destabilize Eritrea and Ethiopia for their own benefits using the Sudan as a springboard. This is the only way to counter China and Turkey who are involved heavy in the horn of Africa.
    As one diplomat once put it, if America and Russia were not involved in the Syrian conflict, Syria will be a peaceful country by now. I strongly agree with his point. It appears Ethiopia is on the American radar to be dissected like the former Yugoslavia. The cry about civilian death and ethnic cleansing against the demented Tigrean based TPLF is false and to be a false witness. I wonder what will they say if these White folks see the atrocities that is being committed by the TPLF junta against the Amhara and Afar region people. To pressure the Ethiopian government without merit is the continuation of their blind foreign policy that left million in dire situation around the globe.
    Can anyone with valid reason tell me as to why Iraq and Libya were destroyed? Are these countries better now or then? Why is the Syrian and the Yemen conflict still raging on? When will these countries see themselves in their former glories as one nation? No one knows.
    The cry foul from Brussels to Washington Dc regarding the bombardment of the Tigrean civilian is as false as Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Which was used to invade with a false narrative to cause the destruction of a civilized nation. TPLF is a murderous gang. They are as sadistic as the SS German soldiers. This a fact is known to the whole world. Yet, the blame is on the government of Ethiopia? I am not her saying the Ethiopian government is blameless. No one in this conflict is. It is war that should not have happened. Mad dogs like the blind TPLF leaders should of heed the advise and tears of many who begged them not to go to war. They did not. We are now killing each other telling ourselves an index finger is better than the thumb. What a moronic conflict. These war is our own making. We are destroying our livelihood. As long as the TPLF is in charge of the Tigrean people and the region there will never be peace. They have to go. Those who side with the truth should work hard to bring peace to this region without involving self with ethnic and other backwarded views. Peace to our people.

  2. One good reason specially for the Afro-American politicians and public to distance themselves or even condemn the Tigray People`s Liberation Front (TPLF) is its racist and pro-colonial politics and agitation method. The TPLF leaders such as the late Meles Zenawi hailed colonialism as a modernizing and developing mission and ridiculed the anti-colonial struggles Ethiopia conducted. According to the TPLF, the struggles were anti-modernism and anti-development. Besides, the TPLF openly states that the Tigray people are the golden, civilized people who are superior and are indomitable. The others (non-Tigrayans) are donkeys according the TPLF classification and in the current conflict the golden people (Tigrayans) are destined to defeat the donkeys.

  3. Thanks, Mr Korybko

    The US and its Western associates believe they can always fool the world as they did during their invasion of Iraq, Libya and Syria. They did it for decades in Latin America.

    These so called advanced and ‘democratic’ governments have been shamelessly and embarrassingly lying. It just baffles me to see how the so called intellectuals, media houses, social institutions, etc. in these countries preferred to go along with these lies.

  4. 1. Who is the #1 enemy of Tigray people? TPLF, TPLF and TPLF
    2. How many tigray people did TPLF kill? Close to 500,000. The fact that TPLF stole the significant portion of the billions of dollar that was coming from all over the world to help the starving people of Tigray during famine of 1984, led to the death of al least 300,000 tigray people and Brutal derg contributed to the death of 500,000. TPLF used the stolen money to buy weapons and to enrich TPLF members.
    TPLF also killed thousands of EPRP(Ethiopian people revolutionary party). EPRP was a non ethnic party and had significant percentage of people on Tigria origin some in leadership positions.
    TPLF leadership of Tigray since 1991 were terrible. Every Tigray state governor since 1991 when TPLF came to power until its fall few years ago were a brutal dictators. Tigray people never saw freedom. They were not allowed to open business in their hometown. The dictator governor will tell them to go to another town to build the business or else hit the road jack.
    TPLF leaders brainwashed a significant portion of Tigray people to hate the great Emperor Haile Selassie and Menelik. They told them that all their problems were and are due to this two emperors which is very false. These emperors made mistakes, like all of due in our life, and their mistakes led to suffering of every ethnic group in ethiopia. Tigray people are not the only people that were heart by their mistake. In fact, the starvation and suffering of the amhara people of Wello led to fall of emperor Haile Selassie. Nevertheless the positive contribution to the people of ethiopia far outweighs the negative. Menelik created present day Ethiopia and prevented the colonization of ethiopia by Italy from north via Eritrea and from South via Somalia. The fact that ethiopia was the only uncolonized country in the continent of Africa and was led by a leader that was respected by white leaders gave hundreds of millions of africans in Africa and all over the world a great deal of hope. Emperor Haile selassie took it to the next level by helping create an African Union and by supporting financially and militarily africans to liberate themselves from european colony. Haile Selassie not only became the father of Africa by creating African union but also brought africans taken as slaves to the carribean Island, JAMAICA, to come back to African and settle in Shashemene. Due due these emperors impressive legacy we should be standing on the shoulder to aim higher as opposed to TPLF who threw them under the bus and ramped them again and again.
    TPLF instead of admitting their heinous crimes against tigray and ethiopian people since 1991 and handing themselves to ethio gov law enforcement, they decided to put the people of tigray in war zone, under the bus and use them as mine swipers while they hide in caves and basements to only come out the steal the food and resources donated by other groups and ethio government just as they did in 1984. As the saying goes history repeats itself and those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. TPLF has informed the innocent tigray people that ethio gov is coming to kill every person in Tigray from newborn to old people. Therefore, every abled body including kids must fight otherwise they all will die. The fact is the ethiopian government is trying save the tigray people from the brutal and blood sucking TPLF.
    3. What should be the next step of Ethio government? All hands of deck. D-day style invasion of Tigray always making sure that no single innocent person dies. Ethio government must take full control of Tigray and govern and rebuild tigray for at least 2 or more years. At the same time ethio government must hunt down every TPLF members and bring them to justice. Since, the vast majority of trigray fighter are brainwashed and given false information by TPLF, once captured by ethio force they should go to education camp in order to learn about the lies and misinformation of TPLF and then should be released to their family as soon as possible.
    4. How to handle the pressure coming from US, EU, UN and other international agencies?
    Time is of the essence. I can only speak about US since I don’t know much about the others. US is currently led by one of the worst government in history of US. Democrats in government are Devil Worshiping God Hating Criminal Mafia group. They have been stealing trillions of dollar from hard working americans. Initial plan was to steal 5 trillion dollars and due to resistance from all corner of USA including 1-2 members of the mafia group the loot price tag has gone down to about 2 trillion dollar for now. The good thing for ethio government is at the present time the democRATS and too occupied with their GOD, MONEY AND POWER. Therefore, the ethio forces must move at lightening speed to destroy TPLF and take over Tigray and run tigray for few years. When ethio gov is under control of tigray donated goods will only go to Tigray people not TPLF as it is happening at the present moment. Moreover, ethio gov will cooperate with US, UN, EU and any other agency who wants to partner with ethio government to rebuild Tigray and other war affected regions in Amhara and Afar.
    5. Lastly I have a very important message to ethiopians in great state of Virginia(VA). There is a governor race in VA. The democratic candidate is a crook and Biden bitch and must loss. The republican candidate is awesome and great person. If the republican wins the Biden administration is going to be in panic mode and is going to be preoccupied with local issue and will not have time to be preoccupied with issues in Ethiopia. 100% of ethiopians, Africans and african americans in VA must vote for republican candidate.

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