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Ethiopia: Internal Strife Rock AEUP

AEUPThe All Ethiopian Union Party (AEUP) that has started the process of merging with the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) party has started accusing both the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) and members of the party that were defunct from the party some years ago of stalling the merger process.
By the same token, the defunct members also accused current president, Abebaw Mehari, and members of the executive committee of not complying with the bylaws of the party.
During a press conference held at the headquarters of the party around Tewodros square on Tuesday, the president of the party told journalists that the office of the party was controlled by the ousted party members and no one was allowed to enter. “Other members of the party could not be able to go in and out till 3 in the afternoon,” he said.
According to the party officials, those individuals were members of the party and were ousted for disciplinary measures taken by the party and by a first instance court four years ago; however, now they are just coming and attempting to control the party, he further added.
The president also said that the group that was ousted by the decision of the party has already submitted its intention and interest to get back in the party and the issue was under discussion and was about to be presented for the general assembly of the party. However he added, “I am very sorry about the current raid of the party by those individuals.”
On the other hand, Mamushet Amare, former secretary of the party told The Reporter that all the accusations by the party are far from the reality and even the court decided in their (the ousted group) favor.
He further added that the situation that took place in the party’s compound is the result of other members of the party. “We agreed to negotiate with the party members and based on that agreement, which was proposed by the elders, we went to the party on Sunday, however, members inside the compound did not allow us to enter.”
The president on his part said, “Their issue is already at the table of the general assembly, therefore, they are not allowed to enter before the general assembly gives any decisions.”

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  1. the fascist woyane have infiltrated this party and is trying to kill it off. it smacks of what happened to kinijit, when Lidetu AYalew , working with the fascist woyane managed to destroy kinijit. the same thing seems to be happening here.

  2. The nexus-of-evils have been working round-the-clock in order to disintegrate the two popular opposition political party, i.e., AEUP and UDJ before the forth coming General election. These nexus-of-evils under the sheep’s skin are enemy of our people who have been subjected to inexplicable suffering under EPRDF/TPLF’s Machiavellian ruling.No doubt that they are reduced to Zombie and acted on EPRDF/TPLF authorities instruction. Therefore, members and supporters of the two popular parties must stand hand-in-hand and kick out the nexus-of-evils once and for all.

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