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Ethiopia in Crisis: Ethiopian-American Council Organizes Summit on Ethiopia

The Ethiopian-American Council (EAC) is planning a forum – Ethiopia in Crisis wherein concerned advocates can address the fundamental issues confronting the Ethiopian people.


Ethiopia in Crisis: Ethiopian-American Council Organizes Summit on Ethiopia

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1 Comment

  1. 1. What is the purpose of the summit? To what end?

    2 . What is it that the American government ( through its embassy personnel, spies etc) does not know about this atrocious entity destroying Ethiopia?

    3. Has n’t America knowingly installed and blessed the TPLF, a terrorist organization to partition and undo Ethiopia in the first place?

    4. Has America not ignored the spates of gory massacres of genocidal proportion which the minority regime of terrorists have been unleashing on Ethiopians for 25 years?

    5. Not only has the USA been arming the TPLF fully knowing that Ethiopians are the immediate targets of TPLF’s violent attention, America’s ex-presidents like Carter and Bush as well as the incumbent Obama have all been hailing the terrorists for good governance on several occasions.

    Anyone who has rudimentary knowledge of Ethiopia’s history of the past 100 years, will readily realize that America has been inimical to our interest through and through.
    Whether the said summit can lead to any substantive remains to be seen.

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