Ethiopia: HK airport customs finds HK$2 million of cocaine in bag’s false bottom

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Customs officers seized almost HK$2 million (US$255,000) worth of suspected cocaine at Hong Kong International Airport from a 31-year-old man arriving from Ethiopia, who allegedly stowed the drug in a hidden compartment of his hand luggage.

The man, who faces a maximum fine of HK$5 million and potential life imprisonment under the city’s drug laws, was arrested yesterday after officers discovered about 1.95 kilograms of the substance in his bag.

In a statement, Hong Kong Customs said the suspect, who arrived from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on an afternoon flight, had a slab of suspected cocaine hidden in a false compartment in his carry-on bag.

Police are continuing the investigation.

According to customs department figures, officers handled 762 dangerous drug cases last year, which led to 328 arrests and the seizure of narcotics valued at some HK$432 million (about US$55 million).

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  1. Again another incomplete news. Suspect nationality should have been mentioned. Is he Ethiopian or where is he/she from ?

  2. tplf/woyane is badly in need of foreign currency, therefore they started narcotik/drag business. They send chat to Europe and north America and other substances to Asia. tplf/woyane smuggles in and out. Their western friends know about. tplf is buying weapons from North Korea besides sunctions the americans know about it.

  3. Even the TPLF’s/Ethiopian government’s military Birgadier General who got sent to deliver drags to USA a month ago covered by a reason of VIP official business, stole all the drag for himself and told the Ethiopian government he is not returning to Ethiopia just few days ago. Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw even asked asylum in USA. Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw defected after sneaking millions of dollars worth of drags to USA from Ethiopia last month. Birgadier General Melaku Shiferaw has served with the military intelligence of the regime’s defense force and as a military attache in a number of African countries.Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw was also chief investigator of many prominent opposition members such as Andargachew Tsige during his service using techniques such as torture, hypnotism , draging and so on . Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw also was believed to be behind the Ethiopian Roads Authority corruption ring by Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw’s older brother being the sole supplier of Road building Rollers machineries to Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) during Tamrat Layne’s time. Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw finally started selling/exporting the drags after Meles Zenawi died , the drags were secretly bought by Ethiopian government during Meles Zenawi’s time to manipulate prisoners into talking by draging them during interrogations. Similar drags but not so potent drags were also reported being used on Guantanamo Bay inmates who were ‘injected with mind altering drugs and interrogated’ according to Pentagon report

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