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Ethiopia hit by deadly Oromo – Amhara clashes

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Ethnic clashes killed 11 people this week in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, a regional government official said on Sunday, the latest unrest in a province that was wracked by violence in 2015 and 2016.

Nearly 700 people died last year during one period of the violence in Ethiopia’s largest region and other areas, according to a parliament-mandated investigation.

The unrest forced the government to impose a nine-month state of emergency that was finally lifted in August. Sporadic protests have taken place since then.

Violence broke out this week in two districts in the province’s west after protests led to clashes between ethnic Oromos and Amharas, the spokesman for the region’s administration said on Sunday.

“Eight Oromos and three Amharas died,” spokesman Addisu Arega Kitessa said in a statement.

The previous unrest was provoked by a development scheme for the capital, Addis Ababa, that dissidents said amounted to land grabs. Broader anti-government demonstrations followed, over politics and human rights abuses.

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The violence included attacks on businesses, many of them foreign-owned, including farms growing flowers for export.

Separately, clashes along the border between the country’s Oromia and Somali regions last month also displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

The area has been plagued by sporadic violence for decades. A referendum held in 2004 to determine the status of disputed settlements failed to ease tensions.

Those clashes have fueled fears about security in Ethiopia, the region’s biggest economy and a staunch Western ally.



  1. “Eight Oromos and three Amharas died. How sad is this statement. Are we not killing each other for the benefit of the TPLF? The statement in quotation reminded me of something sinister from the past. It was in Nairobi, Kenya. An individual comes up to me and told me there are three Amharas laying dead on the side of the road he announced hastily. I said to the person, can you please take me there? Oh no, it is gruesome, you do not want to see their body. With my insistence the individual led me to the place where they are laying. I am no forensic scientist, but all evidences told me they were killed elsewhere and dumped on the outskirts of the city on the side of the road near a dump site for trash.
    With the help of others and employing a slow and meticulous investigation, we found out the killing was done by the direct order of the TPLF and the individual who broke the news to me was part of a larger group of people (killing squad) sent by the TPLF. Oromos killing Amharas will not benefit anyone. Let us suppose you have cleared everyone from your region and Oromia region is free of Amharas. I can assure you with 100% certainty you will start killing one another in no time. The blood of innocent people will not give anyone any rest. For those morons who pride themselves exceedingly on their ethnic lines, I suggest for them to forget their ethnic tag and to get a DNA analysis done on their heritage. You are not what you think you are!

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