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Ethiopia: Hiber Special Program with Ato Ayele Angelo

Ethiopia: Hiber Special Program with Ato Ayele Angelo

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  1. This is a must listen interview.

    Ato Ayele Angelo is a brilliant patriotic/warrior Ethiopian

    He hails from Southern nations and nationalities. According to him and well known to most of us, TPLF leaders and their supporters think that our brothers and sisters from southern nations and nationalities are sub humans, animals and uncivilized brainless morons. Consequently, they are unable to govern their region, they are unable to create an economic/educational system and they are unable to manage their land effectively. As a result, TPLF elite must run their government, economy, education, manage their land and civilize the people. To do that, they have to destroy the economic and social means of the people by burning their world heritage forest and controlling their rivers/lakes in order to sell the very fertile land to the highest bidders from all over the world or to their TPLF elite and benefit not only from the proceeds of the sale but also by being a shareholder of the land owners. The rivers are used to build hydroelectric power or supply TPLF/foreign farms. Power from electricity and farm products are primarily sold to Kenya and other foreign nations all over the world and all the profits goes to members of TPLF. To destroy the culture, moral and history of the people of southern nations and nationalities, they displaced them from lands they made a living for thousands of years to a very crowded, crime invested ghetto city which is foreign for them. Consequently, most of them couldn’t survive in these environment. IT IS LIKE TRYING TO GROW A COFFE OR RICE IN THE DESERT SAND. IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.
    What TPLF did to our brothers and sisters from southern nations and nationalities is the same as what the EUROPEAN SETTLERS OF PRESENT DAY AMERICA DID TO NATIVE AMERICANS, FROM 1500 TO PRESENT, WHO LIVED IN PRESENT DAY USA FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. So, TPLF elite and their supporters/members are the #1 21 century colonizers of African people.
    Ato Angelo said, “We Ethiopians are good at eating together but don’t know how to work together. The solution to our problem comes when we learn how to work together. UNITED WE STAND/WIN DIVIDED WE FALL/LOSE. The number weapon of tyrannical/terrorist TPLF/EPRDF is dividing and ruling Ethiopians based on language, ethnicity and religion. Therefore, all ethnic/linguistic/religious groups must unite since at the end of the day they are all Ethiopians and they have more 99% common interest and less than 1% opposing interest. All groups must be willing to sacrifice the less than 1% opposing interest in order to advance the over 99% common interest.

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