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Ethiopia: Has the Government suspended Mayor of Addis Ababa?

Khartoum (HAN) June 6, 2014. Ethiopian News Opinion By, MINILIK SALSAWI, Breaking News. Abadula Kuma Mayor of Addis Ababa has suspended from any type of activities, Stripped-off their passport and fall under 24 hours surveillance. the ruling party took such radical measure and start to swallow even his own loyalists following the dispute of Adis Ababa master plane expansions. No one knows where to end perhaps it may go further down to the grassroots level. Eradicate all the Network planted by Abadulla and his compatriots for the past two decades is not going to be an easy task with out that “evil genius” who used to manipulate the balance power.
The Tigray ruling party tplf  of 6% that controls over 98% of the military leadership of some of the 90 million Ethiopians from the time it arrived to addis as well as using divide and rule tactics of survival of the minority over the majority will now engage in mobilizing Amhara patriots from corner to corner against Oromos.
That is for the purpose of weakening the Oromo people’s rights, in general as well as in the coming 2015 make believe one party election acrobat, while currently Amara patriots are gleeful and too much over glad, just similar to the bygone time in 2005 election period when the tplf banished Oromia administration office form Addis Ababa to Adama to clear the ground for CUD’s land slide victory that almost swallowed the tplf and its leader from existence on spot, but again now Amara patriots saying “what goes round, comes round” to oromos while they themselves are now living the flowery days in their ususal opinion while waiting for the right occasion and for their turn to be an object of  TPLF’s devious attack that is sure to happen just when the current dust concerning the Addis plan settles down and the Amara jubilation slowly but surely cools down to realities.
Oromo people are asking themselves, Why Oromo region is under military rule?

General Samora Muhammad Yunis said the military ae in Oromo regional state specific area because “of the violence in Bangkok and many parts of the country that resulted in loss of innocent lives and property, [which] was likely to escalate”.
General added: “We ask the Ethiopian public not to panic and to carry on their lives normally.”
A curfew has just been declared some parts of Oromia, so the Ethiopian military is obviously making efforts to make sure there is no immediate response to its announcement.
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  1. how comes tplfites afford to suspend their loyal servants who are created to serve them in the first place

  2. Who cares or what is the difference? He was running errands for his controllers who now seem to dump him. If any loss they are the ones who lose one of their best servants. Woyane and its affiliates are gradually but surely crumbling from the core.

    There will never be no peace till Ethiopia’s national language majoritysized (Democratized) by voiding and cancelling Amhara’s minority language as Ethiopias official language.

    • Genbe
      U are not oromo- you must be a stupid sale pout. Oromos are do not hate AMahras. I do not hate Amharas. There is nothing bad to use AMharic language. This is not our problem. Our problem is people like you who always undermine us. Be cursed with your hatred.

  4. The author is so wild and do not want to collect any evidence to portray the Amharas as supporters of the TPLF-OLF conflict over nothing. While we know our enemies very well and have no history of dancing with our enemy, it is not logical and we are not required to support either OLF or TPLF’s in their temporary conflict. Who ever wins, as you said will start attacking Amhara. So,we remain neutral and protect ourselves from the hateful supporters of both.They are ideologically the same only power struggle is behind. However, if visionary and accommodating Oromo politician, such as Marrarra invite us to rally with him, we can support him or his likes.

  5. Tigre people liberation front are doing the rounds hunting down all these opportunists and kicking them out once they have served their purpose. Tigre people liberation front knows full well that these oromo,amhara cadres are gutless and stupid that they do not have the courage to challenge anything the Tplf order them to do. They are the punch bags of TPLf. More misery awaits these cadres. One by one Tplf will slaughter them.

  6. Is this a news cast, statement, critique or warning message? What is it? What is the point in this article? Ok.. Kuma and Aba Dula are under house arrest. Ok. Big deal!!! It is just another episode of squabble among those who have been playing Carlo Gambino’s pissas on the sweat and tears of the entire nation. We have seen such episodes of collisions in other similar settings throughout history. Didn’t Mengistu sent quite a few of his comrades and even confidents to the gallows in the 1970’s and 80’s? Such clashes will continue until one of them comes out as a winning Alpha Male. They have been wanting in one since the passing of the previous Alpha Male Meles. I don’t see any connection to ethnic conflict in this incidence. Yes, it is just an incidence, a hullabaloo among thieves. I don’t see any ethnic hatred in the incarceration of Kuma and Aba Dula but I see one in this article by someone who is intoxicated by it. It may be a very sad news for those who started warming the bench in Minnesota or even in Asmara for these two hoodlums. They are not coming. Have you heard ‘No entry allowed’? This is the reverse of that. No exit allowed. Poor boys!!!!

  7. Chill out folks! The news came out from Khartoum. What do you expect from there? They are friends with tplf, you know. Haven’t you heard Khartoum got a chunk of free land from the generous tplf? Those two governments are in bed. It is not a holy marriage as we know it. In this relationship one dominates over another. It is not mutual. It is for you to guess who is an active and who is a passive participants in this relationship. If you ask me, a partner who concedes a free land to another partner is the passive one. The article decry “Amara” and “Oromo” for a reason. The reason is, tplf is looking for a partner to continue its misrule. It is not going to get it in Amara. Remember the Amaras never organized under tplf. Until tplf found the likes of bereket simeon and tamrat layne disguised as an Amara to oversee and control those people just like Genbe Wollegaa disguised as an Oromo). Thanks to Gebremedhin Areaya who told us the truth. It is generally known that the unity of Oromo and Amara would be the end of tplf. Remember! The unity of those two major tribes kick the hell out fascist Italian ( I am sure Genbe Wollegaa does not like this, either). That is what it is feared here. I don’t give a s#it about kuma.

  8. I don’t know who Abaadulaa Kumaa is? I know the Mayor of Finfinnee is Diriibaa Kumaa. The Secretary (Leader of the Parliaments) is Abaadulaa Gamadda. So Does this mean Diriibaa Kumaa is the latest victim of TPLF’s political shenanigan. I’m really puzzled by this. Can someone clarify this?

  9. Wait a minute
    is Bangkhok in Ethiopia or Oromia?
    please read the following sentence extracted from the above News
    what a CUT and PASTE with little modification
    General Samora Muhammad Yunis said the military ae in Oromo regional state specific area because “of the violence in Bangkok and many parts of the country that resulted in loss of innocent lives and property, [which] was likely to escalate”.

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