Ethiopia: Gondar bombed for the tenth time

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The resident of Ambaye Amare, in Gondar city, Kebele 15 district 1 at place near Fasiledes stadium was bombed. The individual is the chairperson of the district and president of Tigray People Liberation Front’s (TPLF), Tigray Development Association in South and North Gondar as well as West Gojjam. It is reported, the bomb attack on his house happened on 20 April 2017 at 8:47 PM local time.

In other news, a military contingent, full of oral truck, from Mussie Bamb military camp sent to control the civil disobedience in Gondar was attacked as well. The attack happened at 10:40 PM near the place called ‘Map of Ethiopia’. The truck which was shot at toppled and 4 soldiers died immediately and another 5 sustained severe injuries. According to the report, the oral truck was removed yesterday at 11:00 AM local time and taken to the nearby military camp. The injured are being treated at Azezo military hospital and the dead were buried at Azezo Loza St. Merry Church.

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Source: ESAT


  1. Hilarious- you gotta love reading fantasy news from the deranged, belligerent clowns. How low and pathetic do you have to be? This website is has reached the point of no return :-)

  2. The people of Gondar must intesify the war against the enemy, the tplf/woyane and their cloonies. All the people of Ethiopia must stand behind their Gondere brothers and sister against the enemy.

    The People must close down the road from the Sudan in to Ethiopia and blow up the The Tekeze Bridge and close all roads to and from Tigray. All the tplf/woyane agents must be moved from Gondar as well as from all parts of Ethiopia.

    Otherewise there will be no peace or freedom. You cannot live with your enemy.

    Gonadar needs all support from Ethiopians.

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