Ethiopia: Everything falling apart in TPLF world

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Ethiopia: Everything falling apart in TPLF world | by Knifu Assefa

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  1. The end of TPLF terrorist group is around the corner. Let us all work hard, unite in order the expedite the down fall this cancerous, poisonous, parasitic and criminal mafia group.
    What we need to do to expedite the total and complete destruction of TPLF.
    1. Be active in the struggle by actively participating in opposition discussion forum, donating money and time to opposition groups, boycotting and weakening all businesses affiliated with tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF, not investing and advising foreigners not to invest and visit ethiopia and/or joining the military unit of an opposition group that stands for democracy such as patriotic ginbot 7.
    2. Advocate for placement of economic and military sanction against ethiopian government designed to weaken the economic and military power of tyrannical TPLD/EPRDF and motivate the ethiopian masses to RISE up and overthrow the government.
    3. IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID. We got to hit the terrorist TPLF/EPRDF where it hurts the most in the pocket book. Since their GOD is MONEY. We ought to deprive them MONEY. Since 99% of the income generated from Ethiopian economy is taken by the criminal TPLF/EPRDF members and their affiliates, DESTROYING THE ETHIOPIAN ECONOMY WILL FOR SURE RESULT IN THE DESTRUCTION AND OVERTHROWN OF MAFIA TPLF/ERPDF. Destruction of the economy can be done by holding frequent strikes by all sectors of the Ethiopian economy; advocating lower income/business tax; boycotting all businesses affiliated with government; discouraging foreigners from visiting and investing in Ethiopia; destroying/burning/demolishing all businesses, properties owned by the criminal TPLF,EFFORT and their friends and supporters by ALWAYS MAKING SURE NOT EVEN A SINGLE LIFE IS LOST.
    4. keeping a detailed file of individuals and families all over the world profiting from the criminal activities of TPLF/EPRDF and their businesses. The goal is, once the TPLF/EPRDF is overthrown WHICH IS VERY VERY SOON, to take the ASSES these criminal individuals and families to court all over the world. The purpose is make them pay billions of dollar fine by freezing/closing their businesses, taking over their houses and freezing their bank accounts and putting them to jail. All the billions of stolen dollar from Ethiopian people will be given to the poorest ethiopians.

  2. The TPLF racist regime is in its way to its demise. This is one of the worst regimes in Ethiopian . Even worst than Mengistu. They have made mengistu to look good . Some of the crimes committed by this regime are:

    1 Destruction of common identity. 2 The policy of divide and rule. E cruel like nazis. 4 keep the people poor, hopeless and powerless. 5. Morally corrupting the entire people.4 Taking their land and resources. 7. Selling the country to foreigners 8 Exporting all foods to erupoe, america and middle east where as the people still starving. 8. embezzled a large amount of money from the government .11 destroying our culture, history and religion. Investigating conflict and causing unnecessary blood shed in the country.

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