Ethiopia: EPRDF, no identity and no vision

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March 28 2013

For the past twenty one years, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) that has no mandate to rule Ethiopia hasactually ruled Ethiopia with iron fist dashing on the Trojan horse, the EPRDF ( Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front). The EPRDF, a political front; composed of a hodgepodge of ethnically assembled organizations, is a hollow group of ethnic demagogues created by its late leader to materialize his lifelong dream of dividing Ethiopia along ethnic lines. Ironically, the EPRDF that blatantly boasts to have averted the disintegration of Ethiopia, firmly stood up to the dreams of its creator and augmented the fragmentation of Ethiopia, the very country it calls home.

On Saturday March 23, 2013, the EPRDF started its 9th and possibly what could be its last congress with an embarrassing; and to the vast majority of Ethiopians with a pointless theme of – “The Thoughts of Meles”. In fact, if there is one good cause served by the 9thEPRDF congress, it should be that, the Trojan horse EPRDF proved to the Ethiopian people that it is a party in existence with a borrowed identity that rules over a nation of ninety million people with a dead vision of a deceased man. The EPRDF is a party that lives in the past, failed to cease the moment and has no vision for the future.

The four-day congress that ended on Tuesday came to an end with exactly the same hollowness that it started. To the surprise of its own members and diehard supporters, the four -day congress looked like much of a eulogy of a man (dead for seven months) than an occasion to map a vision for Ethiopia’s future. Despite all indications of the nation’s chronic problems of ethnic conflict, poverty, human rights abuse, deteriorating living conditions, and alarming outflow of skilled manpower, the EPRDF vowed to extend its grip on power and carry on the same old failed policies of the past. All in all, the handmade toy, the EPRDF, shamelessly told the Ethiopian people that it has no vision of its own and nothing new on its plate.

Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy not only invalidates the resolution of the 9th congress of the EPRDF, but it also extends its call to the Ethiopian people inside and outside Ethiopia to come together and fight in unison to stop the implementation of a policy that has a hard to reverse the detrimental effect on our nation. Ginbot 7 reiterates its perennial message to the Ethiopian people and to the international community at large that there are much better alternatives to the tested and failed policies of the EPRDF that benefit the interest of the Ethiopian people, the Horn of Africa and all other parties’ involved. The international community, donor nations and most importantly, the EU, United Kingdom and the United States must come to their senses and acknowledge that freedom; justice and democracy are God given human values that the people of Ethiopia thirst for just like the British and the American people.

Ginbot7, Movement for Justice Freedom and Democracy

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    For the past 100 years the amhara dominated governments did not only made Ethiopia the land of extreme poverity and millions of starving souls, to make is worse the amhara dominated governments had created devision among ethiopians by systematically mass genociding non amhara ethiopians(Oromos,Tigreans and Eritreans).

    • You statement really says you are either Moron or Edit or Both. Your Typical Woyane junk talk about Amhara , Oromo is over its time to reexamine your Agame skinny tail

      Dedeb Woyane

    • You stupid Agame how soon u forget tht the amare people brought all the civilation . But u so stupid and Maron to understand. All u people know is Meles Meles………

  2. ….. and Ginbot 7’s only vision of course is wait until EPRDF does something and oppose., and spread hate messages towards one ethnic group.

  3. Mr.South,

    We all knows that the amaras made ethiopia undemocratic and backward country, but we all should forgive the amaras and try not to repeat amaras decades of stupidity.

    Long Live Ethiopia !

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