Ethiopia: Emeye Menelik Statue is a pride of Black People! (Tedla Asfaw)

By Tedla Asfaw

I followed a video clip posted on pro government website of Aiga.

MinilikTesfaye Newaye so called lawyer was ranting about Emperor Menelik Statue. Oromo extremists with the help of TPLF and Shabia covered the statue with dark Cloth 23 years ago when Tesfaye was in elementary or high school to destroy it.

The news of the statue being covered brought thousands from Addis and its surroundings. Many Oromos in horseback came to defend it. The people won and the Menelik Statue has remained stand tall for more than seven decades now after briefly was absent during Italian five year of occupation.\

Tesfaye Newaye/Gebrab is telling us why the Menelik Statue is irrelevant for him and his likes whether it stands or not. If Tesfaye has a fascist blood it might cause him heart attack. Better stay away from the statue.

The other young fellow from Harar on the video clip even went far and compared Menelik with Graziani. He rants, we should not have Menelik Statue in Addis since we do not have Graziani statue in Addis Ababa. Both are criminals for this uninformed young man.

He kept on ranting that since we have Graziani’s victims memorial in Addis Ababa he suggested to have Menelik’s Oromo victims memorial. The young man need to be educated about Ethiopian history. There is no record of Emperor Menelik atrocities the young man alleged. How could “foreign” Historians failed to record it? It was not there to record it!

Menelik’s statue will stand in Addis Ababa forever and all attempts to remove it failed in the past and it will fail again. The MEDREK led protest last Saturday in Addis Ababa was a great success. It is a great victory for all Ethiopians over the divide and rule cadres of Tesfaye Newaye/Gebrab types who are more Oromos than Oromos.

Scratch deep Tesfaye Newaye hate Ethiopia and all who fought for her, a symbol of Black Pride all over the world. Menelik is the first Black Man who led a Black Army and defeat a White Army of Europe in Adwa, Ethiopia! Long Live the Spirit of Emeye Menelik!

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