Ethiopia drops bid to host 2017 Afcon

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Official says country needs more time to prepare for continental championship
Ethiopian-national-teamADDIS ABABA: The Ethiopian Football Federation says it has dropped its bid to host the 2017 African Cup of Nations and will focus instead on the next available tournament in 2025.

Ethiopian national team

Ethiopia stated its intention to bid for 2017 but EFF President Junedin Basha says the country decided against it after recent meetings with Confederation of African Football officials. Junedin says Ethiopia needs more time to prepare.

CAF wants a country with already-established facilities to step in at short notice for 2017 after Libya withdrew as host because of security and organisational concerns.
Zimbabwe and Algeria say they have submitted formal bids to host the tournament, while other candidates could include Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt.
The deadline for bids to be lodged was Tuesday.
Source: Gulfnews


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