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Ethiopia: Congratulation and ALUTA CONTINUA

Semaneh Jemere
Ottawa, Canada
July 6, 2021


Hearing the 2nd feeling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) makes the hearts of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia wonder with happiness unparalleled in history. Despite a multitude of challenges, Ethiopia’s successful start of filling the dam has brought boundless joy in Ethiopia; euphoria and jubilation among the diaspora who live dispersed across the breadth and width of our planet. Honestly speaking if this news of 2nd feeling does not mobilize the silent majority in the diaspora, then what else.

In the midst of happiness, however, Ethiopians need to be reminded to doubling up their efforts until their long outstanding dreams of lifting their people out of poverty are fulfilled. We all need to be cognizant that the 2nd filling is an impetus and a first step in the long journey to eliminating poverty to bring Ethiopia’s dark history of poverty to a closure. Ethiopia’s dream to be free from int’l bullying and determining its own destiny started right at the GERD and on the Abay River.

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The legendary Ethiopian folklore of the homeless Abay river roaming around the world with logs in its back is no more a fictional story. It has now a beautiful house built on Ethiopian soil where it sleeps in every Ethiopian household illuminated by the electric light that the GERD generates on a 24/7 basis.

When the grids are connected and light shines in every thatch roof house in Ethiopia, then that is the moment the dawn of freedom would be heralded in all corners of Ethiopia. Yet still we can proudly say that GERD is Ethiopia’s 2nd Adwa won in the 21st century. This victory is special because it came at a time

when international diplomacy is mischievous, conniving, murky and where global political order is messy and irrational.

Let Ethiopians in unison continue to dream a dream called ALUTA CONTINUA to make poverty a thing of the past. Since we are all borne free, let all of us in unison say ‘we will safeguard our freedom and independence until our poor people are all free from poverty.

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We have a promise and a dream to take our people out of darkness. A dream to bring joy and happiness to our people. Let all Ethiopians touch the hearts of every one and take everybody’s hands to stand for the realization of GERD’s dreams. For that to happen, we once again say ALUTA CONTINUA’ while we congratulate Ethiopia and Ethiopians for a job well done.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful articles that captures the emotions and sentiments of Ethiopians. Congratulations to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia on this major milestone!!

  2. Great to Ethiopian people!!!! However, it is a tragedy that what a mess & sabotage are committed by USA & Arab league. Really it is a shame. Instead of supporting and making side with TPLF junta who plans to destroy Ethiopia, why not do things fairly and support Ethiopian people. Always they are doing against Ethiopian people interest. Since they are driving UN members to make any sanctions , thanks to God and honest Ethiopian alies Russia & China, truth prevail always. History is repeated again for remembering so called League of nations on supporting Italian invasion at that time. So USA gov’t to think again and again for the mess they are doing. All medias igniting the situation, like BBC, CNN, Reuters etc shall to take care. Why they didn’t propagate fott TPLF crimes, genocide, etc. They are not fair & violate ethics of free press. Shame of their activities.

    This is Ethiopian Renaissance time.
    Long live to Ethiopia!!

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