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Ethiopia confirms Andargachew’s extradition – Abraha Desta et al detained

Abrha-Desta1Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism unit confirmed today that Andargachew Tsigie has been extradited to Ethiopia. Andargachew Tsigies, a British national and second-in-command of an Ethiopian rebel group, Ginbot-7, was detained at Sena’a airport, Yemen, on June 23, while in transit from Dubai to Eritrea, where the group’s armed unit is stationed. The detention was made public by the group, last Monday, June 30, urging its supporters to pressure Yemen by holding demonstrations on her embassies in Western countries. Three days later, the group claimed that Andargachew have been extradited. The statement from the Joint Counter Terrorism Unit of the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Federal Police, however, disclosed that Andarcgachew was transferred to Ethiopia on the same day of his detention. According to the statement, informed Yemeni authorities detained Andargachew Tsigie based on the intelligence provided by Ethiopian security officials. The counter terrorism unit referred to Yemeni intelligence service claiming to have a cooperation agreement. The statement gave no details about the agreement it is referring to. However, a news dispatch from the Chinese news agency Xinhua in 1999 indicates that a security cooperation framework signed by Ethiopian and Yemeni stipulates that the two nations will cooperate with each other […]
Source: Danielberhane

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