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Ethiopia: Cartoon of the day – August 4, 2017

cartoon of the day
Ethiopia: Cartoon of the day – August 4, 2017

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  1. The pillage of the TPLF has beeb very brutal and is severely impoverishing the non-Tigre citizens of the country. I had witnessed this deplorable development and abysmal poverty in the country during my recent trip to Ethiopia. It is clear to see in Addis Ababa that the Tigre super rich and wealthy are leading an extremely luxurious and lavish life. The common Addis Ababans I met told me that the Tigre super rich are taking their showers with Whiskies while they do not have clean waters for their daily lives. This is how the marginalized and discriminated Addis Ababans describe the differnce between the Tigre super rich and the non-Tigres. The Tigres are enjoying their loots in the city but do not seem to have realized the danger they are in. Addis Ababans promise that the city will be their grave after a short time.

  2. Soon, the looted tax payers money need to be recovered!! The word “loot” doesn’t even start to describe when look at the magnitude of the wealth this group has accumulated. In Billions of dollars!! I thought that big of a figure was for national budgets not size of looted bounty! The greed is beyond comprehension!

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