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Ethiopia calls for international help as drought bites | Aljazeera

Ethiopia’s leader has urged the world to donate more towards food aid he says is needed to fight a drought that has left more than 10 million people hungry.
Aid agencies and the government said they must raise more than $1.4 bn of aid, but that only about half of that amount has been collected.
The emergency appeal is the third largest in the world after those for Syria and Yemen.
Ethiopia “should not be neglected by any means despite all the other crises that are going on elsewhere in the world,” Prime Minister Hailemariam Deselagn told the Associated Press news agency in an interview.
The US has been the biggest donor, giving more than $532 million in humanitarian aid to the country since October 2014.
The Ethiopian government has also spent about $380 million of its own money.
“My country deserves more support because we are also sheltering some 750,000 refugees from neighboring countries that need food aid,” Hailemariam said, referring to the fact that the Horn of Africa nation hosts a large number of mainly South Sudanese, Eritrean and Somali refugees.
“If something goes wrong, it is the international community who has not come in. The aid provided to us so far is very little and it often came very late. I urge organisations like UNICEF to come in if they think this is a worst case scenario. Just talking is not a solution.”

The drought was brought on a result of the the El Nino climate phenomenon that affected seasonal rains, causing crops to fail and livestock to die.

Ethiopia was devastated by a drought in the 1980s that – exacerbated by a civil war – killed hundreds of thousands of people and brought the country global attention.
Source: Agencies

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  1. The problem with Ethiopia is not only hunger also they spend a lot of money on military spending,coraption milions of money out from the country every month ,no accountability .The government prays to be rain in USA and Canada that is all they care.

  2. Emergency aid? $1.4 billion? Woe!
    * The voodo enonomy has been “growing 11% for the last 13 yeas.” Why it failed to support it self?
    *. Corruption of the elite minority dictators, woyane: they steal billions of dollars every year from now starving poor. Check the amount of illicit dollar that leaves country by the corrupt regime, more $15 billions. What is then $1.4 billions emergency aid they ask for compared to what they have been embazling? Really?
    STOP supporting the corrupt dictators if you need sustainable solution to the problems in Ethiopia. Address the root cause: Ethiopian people need better leadership through democratic election, the rule of law, and human rights. Until then, the problems continue, selah.

  3. TPLF/EPRDF or wayane use to divert the aid money which they receive by the name of starvation or drought used to invest on to buy militry amenition, hence the world WFP/UNICEF have to take care to hand over cash money to the wolf TPLF. They don’t care about those who are dieing.

  4. It was well known that any support obtain from abroad during the existing regim has not been given to people and now no body has any confidence that the support money would not to be the people.This regim never gives attention to the people and please remind the last situation how the money was transfered to buy millitary weapons and if this money is given to the existing regim he same will happen. I want to remind to all z donners to get silution and be very sure he support is going to reach z people

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