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Ethiopia-born UK citizen appears in London court over terrorism charges

A United Kingdom (U.K.) court has charged an Ethiopia-born management lecturer over nine counts of terrorism offences.

Tadesse Kersmo 290Tadesse Kersmo, fled from Ethiopia in 2009 and sought asylum in the U.K. He was later granted British citizenship.

Westminster Magistrates Court judge, Emma Arbuthnot, granted Kersmo a bail of $32,000 along with other release conditions. He is due back in the Central Criminal Court in two weeks, the BBC reports.

He is affiliated with the opposition group, Ginbot 7, which is banned in Ethiopia. Among the accusations he faces are, receiving training in Eritrea and holding terrorism related information like texts on sniper training and guerilla warfare.

Kersmo who was arrested during his return to the United Kingdom in January told reporters that he was innocent of the charges. The case is the first such in relation to an Ethiopian opposition member outside of the country.

The regime in Addis Ababa has received flak from rights groups that accuse them of stifling dissent and cracking down on political opposition and the media.

The United Nations, the European Union and other European governments have continued to push for political reforms in the country.

The government also imposed a state of emergency in October last year as part of efforts to quell spreading anti-government protests. Most conditions of the state of emergency have since been relaxed but it was extended for three months after expiry in April this year.

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  1. Now this shows the degree of organization of this group. How on this good earth someone known as one of the leading and vocal leaders of any political organization comes back from a known terrorist training site with articles of sabotage on his computer or smart phone? How? I have read another story about the jailed family man Tsige how he took time to shop for a smart phone in Dubai. Does this G7 has any protocol for its members? It shows that it was started on a whim after an outburst of rage without any measure of calculation. First of all carrying such articles of sabotage is illegal anywhere except in the forsaken joint Asmara. What is the matter with this Berhanu and his entourage? What is the matter with him? I have said this before to his close relatives on more than one occasion. When he comes home next time around, tie him to his chair or bed and call the police. Call the police and tell them that he has gone insane and want to hurt himself. Ask them to commit him to an asylum. Otherwise you gonna lose him sooner if not later. Al-Toweel Isaias is a Houdini expert. He knows how to make people disappear into a thin air without a trace. To me he has gone mad!!! Accost him to stop grubbing about at the dumpsite in Asmara and go back to his teaching job. Just do that and do that expeditiously before Isaias sends him to his demise. You hear me? Do it now!!!!!

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