Ethiopia: Board to Recruit Electoral Officers

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The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has announced that it is going to recruit electoral officers for the national elections due to be held in 2015.
The electoral officers to be recruited could be people who took part in previous elections or totally new to the task, according to Wendimu Gola  (Azeb Gola’s brother), services and relations deputy head at the Office of the Board.
The recruitment will mainly focus on youth and women. The plan is to make one in every three electoral offices at each constituency a woman, he said.
According to the head, the recruitment will be carried out in extreme care in a bid to get impartial people. This will help the Board conduct free, fair and democratic elections.
The 2015 elections, which are the fifth national elections of the country, are expected to be more successful because of best lessons learned from the past elections, Wendimu said.

Trainings have been given to stakeholders including youth, women, civic societies and the media to make the elections successful.
The Board has also engaged in preparing logistics and materials essential for the election, Biruk Wendwesen, planning and preparation expert at the Office said.
Printing of documents including forms, registration cards and others is being undertaken. It is the Board’s expectation that the printing of major documents will be finalized this month.
Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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