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Ethiopia: BBN Daily News October 12, 2017

Ethiopia: BBN Daily News October 12, 2017


  1. Awasa,

    You are right, nothing new. Slave boy and impotent/prostitute Awasa, it is nothing new that your masters (criminal TPLF/EPRDF) continue to kill and jail ethiopians every day and every year for the past 26years.

    Great job oromo youth/people and I encourage you to continue to protest daily, weekly, monthly until the terrorist TPLF/EPRDF is completely destroyed and overthrown. Similar protest should go on throughout ethiopia on a regular basis until a new democratic government takes over the leadership in ethiopia.
    Moreover, always make sure to destroy the properties, businesses, buildings, vehicles, trains, planes of TPLF/EPRDF and their affiliates such as EFFORT and other companies since they all are all stolen properties of ethiopian people while always making sure that not even a single Ethiopian life is lost. IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID. IF WE DEPRIVE TPLF/EPRDF MONEY/WEALTH, OVER 90% OF OUR BATTLE AGAINST THEM IS WON WITHOUT A SINGLE LOSS OF LIFE. SO, LET US DESTROY ETHIOPIAN ECONOMY WHICH IS 99% OWNED BY TYRANNICAL TPLF/EPRDF. Unlike unpatrioticTPLF/EPRDF vampires who do not value human life, we the patriotic ethiopians consider human life priceless.

    Regarding the total infestation of the great Lake Tana and Abay River with weeds. It is a shame, shame and shame. Abay and Tana were the jewel and pride of ethiopians for thousands of years and now are being destroyed in front of our eyes due to the INCOMPETENCY, ILLITERACY AND CORRUPTIONS CRIMINAL MAFIA TPLF/EPRDF.

    Lastly CHAT is the cash cow of the mafia/criminal/terroist TPLF/EPRDF. It is only government on planet earth that exports a product such as CHAT which damages human brain and make people unproductive and passive. Since TPLF/EPRDF are masters of ZERO SUM GAME, by destroying the people of ethiopia and neighboring countries they will control the vast majority of ethiopian and neighboring countries wealth.

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