Ethiopia arrests the young Oromo leader for denouncing state terrorism

by Nagessa Oddo Dube

Taye Dendea is arrested this morning for defying the State of Emergency and for his sheer bravery to speak against the heinous command-post massacre in Moyale last Saturday. Taye’s arrest was the third time and he was arrested twice in the past and served ten years of imprisonment in Ethiopian gulags. It took, as the result, 16 years for Taye to graduate from the law school.
Taye and I know each other since 2002. We met at Addis Ababa University, Law school. Being in the same dormitory with Taye in 2003 gave me an opportunity to know the man and the spirit named Taye in a detailed fashion. We became intimate friends during the 2004 Oromo students’ movement in the AAU. Later, I was also arrested for three years with Taye that gave me the privilege to learn about Taye in every aspect possible.

Taye was a great nationalist, a heroic freedom fighter, a true humanist, a brave man and a brilliant leader with indomitable spirit all the time. A genius student he was we popularly referred to him as ‘Taye the Veto’ in the law school. There was no argument, including the ones of the teachers, that withstood his counter-argument. Since he was, naturally, Mr-Win-Every-Argument, Taye was so famous among my batch. Taye had also the habit of raising his two index fingers up in the air during the argument. That habit earned him the nickname the genius with ‘double antennae’.

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To shorten my remarks, I can witness three things about Taye:

1. Taye is a man of truth and principle. He does what he believes in. He was neither for money nor for fame. He doesn’t care about his position (power). For him, a position is nothing if it should not be used as a tool for advancing the cause of his people.

2. Taye is courageous beyond description. He is a brave man who neither has fear nor death is his list of words.

3. Taye loves his people. He doesn’t discriminate anyone and does not like discrimination. He has no gosummaa, naannummaa or amantummaa. He is the extraordinary guy and his arrest never arrest his struggle and spirit. Given his courage and resilience, he would survive this third imprisonment and his people will free him.

He was known by some of famous sayings:
* “Oromoon waan woliin dhabe malee waan irratti wol dhabe hin qabu!”
* “Qeerroon hin rakkate malee rakkoo uume hin qabu.”

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Taye is a hero for all of us and we have to fight for him. What happened to Taye will happen to Lemma Megersa unless he speaks against the injustice happening against his people and arrested OPDOs


  1. He has to obey bro no matter how Genius he is. All human are equal , be it genius or not. He has to obey the law and this is everywhere in the world. I think the few Oromos think their way is only way. Merara does not respect law. You have to learn how fight peacefully for your right. He said the soldiers killed the civilians deliberately? why would military kill innocent civilians deliberately? That is wrong. Disobey law is a crime because you are Oromo activist does not mean you do not obey law. We know you guys during derg, you used to hide inside cupboard? Learn how to struggle without beheading , chopping people, burning factories, stoning people to death, without insulting, by respecting law even if you do not like the law. Playing victim game and blaming others is not going to help to win.

  2. The tigrean libration front has arrested Taye Dendea!!! Ethiopia has nothing to do with the Arresting and Killing. The terrorist tegray libration front take the full responsibilty for all masacaring and arresting of innocent people.

  3. Great people like Taye Dendea should have been a treasure of Ethiopia and allowed to aim high, shoot for the stars, be a great role model and elevate Ethiopia and Ethiopians to a civilized form of existence with great constitution, freedom, liberty, democracy, meritocracy and free market capitalism INSTEAD of wasting their talent for innovation, ingenuity, civility by keeping them in shit hole jail, FOR SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, for extended period of time while torturing/starving them to break their will power, moral.
    Mr. Dendea is a fighter and an Ethiopian hero. As a non Oromo person, I admire the fighting spirit/bravery of Oromo people such as one of the greatest human being that ever lived Abebe Bikila who chose to run brave foot and won at world record time the 1960 marathon in Italy during Olympics and broke his world record 4 years later in Tokyo during olympics and became the first African to win an Olympic medal.
    I am going to bet on Mr. Dendea winning his fight with the impotent/prostitute/devil TPLF/EPRDF. There is no doubt in my mind that he will knock them out cold and unconscious very very soon.

  4. I am Very true Oromo. Our group strongly oppose the way how the so called Oromo activists and opposition leaders behave except few. We know them very work and had opportunity to work with. One very strong opposition we have with them is ” all their outlook as well as vision is village centred, to maximum it goes to forsee oromo libration instead of focussing on all our Ethiopian people who share the same oppression for generations. Most of them come from the very rural arwas and know see ormos not Ethiopians. They have wrong aims and goals to meet. These are few of the reasons they fail to touch our people. Many of them spread ethnicity and hatred on other group of our people who truly have been going through similar or even worse pains and sufferings We are very concenred and watchful of their moves because it is very destabilising and destructive to the long established great Ethiopia. Our parents have grown us up with amazing love, kindness and humanity (I am Oromo). They even give food they do ot have to neighbours and take care of neighboring children as their own or even more. But where do these so called OLF, Jawar etc come from? Indeed we have pains that we must deal with; That we need to share with other stakeholders openly, but beyond that going into the impossible ways have resulted them paying unuseful sacrifice that even further antagonise the people. We assure you our oromo people are now suffering more by OPDO than TPLF. Go to every local administration and how my people are abused and harassed, assaulted crying deep to get them out of these cruel and illtrate OPDO cadres who are continuing to looting our lands, sale our land and use the money to satify their addiction including “areke” and “Kurt sega” and going with bar ladies. We know them, But whn time comes, which we hope is now, all will perish once and for all. All our Ethiopian people join us to save our people and country. Do not listen to those fronts who use ” freedom for this ethnic and that” they are divided within because they have no true and clear goals. They are using these opportunity to make a living.
    We are Oromo groups on the rise with genuine and deep heart seated love to all our Ethiopian people equally. Let us hold hand in hand to free our people as our motto is Ethiopia and her people first.

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