Ethiopia 'arrests' over Gambella attack

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BBC Africa
Live Reporting
8875ac78-05e2-4ad8-a907-65792bf31367By Farouk Chothia and Clare Spencer
Ethiopia’s security forces have arrested 41 South Sudanese refugees in its western Gambella region on suspicion of killing about 20 Ethiopians on 21 April, the state-owned Ethiopian News Agency is reporting.
The region is reportedly tense, with the government saying its forces have crossed into South Sudan to encircle an area where more than 100 children are suspected to be held after they were abducted from Gambella in a separate attack on 15 April.
Gambella has many South Sudanese refugees who fled conflict in their country.
There is also conflict between the Murle an Nuer ethnic groups.
The Murle have previously been accused of carrying out cattle raids and stealing children to raise as their own.

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