Ethiopia arrested the most senior living member of the outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)

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Addis Getachew
January 8, 2021

Six other key TPLF operatives were also arrested in an operation conducted by Ethiopian forces on a hideout in the rugged Kola Tembein area in the northnern Tigray region, an official from the East African nation’s military was quoted as saying.

The public Ethiopian News Agency quoted Brig. Gen. Tesfaye Ayalew as saying that Sebhat Nega, a founding member of the TPLF, had surrendered during the operation.

Sebhat is considered a magnate within the TPLF and is known for having built a multibillion-dollar business empire in Ethiopia over the 27 years the group was in power.

On Thursday, the army said nine other key TPLF officials had been captured, while four others were neutralized in the ongoing law enforcement operation.

An unspecified number of soldiers were killed last year and a sizable amount of military hardware had been looted by TPLF forces, prompting the government to launch a massive law enforcement operation.

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On Nov. 28, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the operation complete, saying what remained was apprehending the TPLF leadership and their militants, reconstruction and rehabilitation in the restive region, and putting in place the structures of an interim administration for Tigray.​​​​​​​


  1. I’m sure those very upright and men of the highest value Jula and Bacha will treat this prisoner of war and elderly man according to our old tradition. He has been one of those commie demagogues I have been demonizing for years. But he must be treated as an elderly prisoner. But it is a crushing defeat not only for those who have been poisoning the gullible youth of Tigray but also for all others who have also feeding similar youths in all other regions with the same brew of bigotry steeped with tenets of communism. Our Creator The Almighty is telling us by this capture that He Has Not and Shall Never Abandon The Country Deified In Both Books of The Holy Scriptures. It was the children of that Blessed country who saved both religions(Bilal ibn Rabah and Mary Magdalene). Our Creator Shall Never Forsake That Country He Purposely Created!!! Now you commies and bigots!!! One word out of you! One word!!!

  2. Now, some of you bigots may be flopping your cursed jaws complaining to see an elderly man in handcuffs. Listen you demons!! That is a worldwide requirement because you never know what the prisoner may do on his way to jail. There are boatload of incidences where criminals suddenly turned dangerous and harmed the arresting officers and themselves. We have seen convicted high position officials handcuffed on their way to jail. That is done first of all to protect the prisoner him/herself.

    But what a happy ending for those of us who monger for harmony between ethnic group!!! What a day of celebration for many of us who cling to the faith that we are all the Creation of The Almighty and not one worm that suddenly crawled out of the sea. What a victorious moment for those of us who believe that the beginning of humanity is Adam and Hawwa(Adam and Eve) and it all started with individuals created by The Almighty and not some commune that suddenly and miraculously congregated in ‘socialist’ order!!! When some of you read this comment you may ask like ‘Hey Ittu, you are being too traditional’. My answer to that is ‘You are right that I’m traditional. Why? Because The Almighty Our Creator is traditional. In absolute terms he is so perfect and never needs to alter his ways’. This elderly man and his peers who later founded other communist parties were raising the name of Our Creator in vain since the 1960’s. Most of them perished on their own accord either due to fighting among themselves or misadventures of stupid bravado. They replaced the Holy Scriptures of both religions with Das Kapital. They poisoned the minds of the gullible youth with such evil ideology where millions marched themselves into awaiting inferno. They built up the ego of the tender youth to the level that it can strike victory with bare hands. What we are witnessing now is such sense of being absolutely invincible has finally caught up to the preachers and ideologue of this twisted philosophy themselves. They have come to a full circle. Those of you, who doubt the power of The Almighty, take a note now!!! Kudos to the noble, upright and religiously devout people of Tigray for leading the patriotic forces to the woodwork where these demons were hiding!!! The Alula incarnate Mulu is running on all well oiled cylinders, y’all!!! There is more to come! Just sit back and watch the show!!! I am!!!

  3. Now we are being told that the man in the video is not Sebhat Nega but is a heavily photoshopped body double from Eritrea. Folks, we have been living with dudes ravaged by a serious bout of a sick mind! You see, it is very difficult to read a sick mind. I have a better one for them. I don’t mean to disrespect the man but the one in the video looks exactly that Wily the Wino I saw in the LA downtown area when traveled there in 1981 & 1988. Exactly like him! You know what? It is him! It is him!!!

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