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Ethiopia approves law to imprison people who share defamatory speech online

Ethiopia’s parliament on Tuesday approved a law to imprison people who distribute defamatory speech, pornography and spam online, a move that bloggers and activists said is meant to silence dissent.
The law’s most severe penalty is 10 years’ imprisonment for sharing pornography online. Sharing defamatory speech or spam gets at least three years in prison.
Ethiopia’s cybersecurity officials have said the country is subject to more than 1,000 cyberattacks per day, and the government has said the new law will enable it to prosecute such crimes more efficiently.
But rights groups have accused the East African country of restricting freedom of expression and using spyware against dissidents living overseas. An Ethiopian court last month charged an opposition activist over his Facebook posts.
Daniel Berhane, a popular blogger, said the new law is a concern to him as an editor of a website that has several contributors and is an active user of social media.
“It jumbled provisions for cyberattacks with provisions about content, thereby paving the way for a heavy-handedness on online expression,” he said.
Source:  Associated Press

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  1. Rights Group? = Pedophills
    Sexual predators in the name of rights group, fake opposition, fake freelance journalist have no more place to hide in Ethiopia.
    The law is similar to that of the west, Only insane person in the name of rights group will have the audacity to criticize it.
    Well Done Ethiopia.

  2. “Freedom of speech” or freedom to incite violence and killing ? ?
    Those Neftegna extremists who use computer to preach hate and violence toward Oromos and others should be punished.

  3. Abe,
    You are so ignorant and absolute woyane. There is no such a law or decree in the West.
    But my advise to you and ur TPLF gang is this: u have to come up with a law to ban the internet technology world wide. By so doing it will make sure that nothing will be communicated against TPLF.
    U r typical mind of TPLF.

    • Mr/ Madam Helinabis pedophlille,
      Which one is acceptable to you?
      * sharing pornography online
      *Sharing defamatory speech
      *cyber attack/ spam ?
      I am not sure if you have the slightest knowledge of the law of the land where ever you reside, but all the above are commonly accepted in almost all countries of the world except your Eritrea.

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