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Ethiopia and Tigray Rebels Agree to End Civil War, Mediators Say

November 2, 2022

Redwan Hussien Rameto (L) from the Ethiopian government, and Getachew Reda (R), who represents Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), shook hands on the deal.After two years of fighting that has left hundreds of thousands displaced and on the brink of starvation, the announcement came out of the latest round of peace talks in South Africa.

Abdi Latif Dahir and 

A deal has been reached in the Ethiopian civil war with both sides agreeing to end hostilities after two years of fighting.

The African Union (AU) has called it a new “dawn”, according to the AFP news agency.

The war, between the Ethiopian government and northern Tigray forces, caused a severe humanitarian crisis.

According to the World Health Organization, almost 90% of Tigrayans need food aid.

About a third of the region’s children are suffering from malnutrition.

Both sides agreed to a disarmament plan as well as unhindered access to humanitarian supplies, said former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who mediated the talks.

He said the deal was just the beginning of the peace process in Ethiopia.

Speaking after the announcement, Tigray representatives said they hoped the two sides would honour the deal, the Reuters news agency reports.

They also said the fact an agreement was made showed both sides were ready to find a peaceful way forward, Reuters says.

The foreign minister of the country where the talks are being held – South Africa – also appealed to both sides to stick to the agreement. Nalendi Pandor warned that there are “no winners in war”.

The UN said it supported the path to peace: “This is an opportunity to chart a new course. The young men and women who have been mobilised to fight will now have the chance to return to their homes and their families,” said Hanna Serwaa Tetteh, the body’s special envoy for the Horn of Africa.



  1. Nice to hear that the peace process has begun. I can’t stop wondering which chimpanzees these three monkeys represent. Who are the real owners of the Ethiopian civil war?

  2. Not too fast to celebrate. The devil is in the details. Show us the signed document and let’s say our piece. It is reported that TPLF agrees to disarm, but does it have an army? Don’t think so. What TPLF leads is a rag tag militia which it calls TDA the arms of which are not within the control of TPLF. How can Feds disarm the Tigray population which can be easill be stash somewhere? That’s why I’ saying don’t celebrate too fast. The other thing is TPLF has won since the basis of the agreement is full enforcement of the constitution. Because of that, interest of Amhara region is defeated. Welkait – Tekede is gone to Tigray. Sold the higest bidder! Party time in TPLF camp; agony in the Amhara camp. Tigray referendum and independence will follow. It’s the constitution. Overall, it’s a loss for the country.


  3. Congratulations the upright people of Ethiopia! Today another scenario that could break you apart into unrecognizable pieces has been averted. You have been starving of peace more than food for years and now this agreement looks to usher you what you have been wanting for decades. I feel blessed to hear such sound of peace at this stage of my high mileage life.
    Brothers Debretsion and Abiy! I am gonna call you both as such, brothers from now on as long as you don’t go back on your words and start another senseless bloodshed. Above I congratulate US Special Envoy Mike Hammer, H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo, Brothers Uhuru Kenyatta, Mlambo-Ngcuka and member states of IGAD for such historic accomplishment. The stakeholders of this sacred deal are brothers and sisters bound by the golden rule that they are all children of the Almighty whose centuries old grandpa Bilal and centuries old grandma Mary Magdalene had save both major religions of the country. When the list of candidates for this Nobel Peace Prize is announced, the list does not mean diddly squat for me if it does not include the names of Envoy Hammers, Obasanjo, Uhuru and Mlambo. Finally the torch of peace has arrived for the people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions. Now I am being overwhelmed by tearing up emotion!!!!

  4. Subject: “Ethiopia and Tigray Rebels Agree to End Civil War”, Mediators Say, November 2, 2022 Two years of war.”

    Humble Comment, 2 Nov 2022
    a). Endless innocent people perished
    b). The country devastated >>> during, yes, “two years of war”
    c). Who gained?
    d). We know who, from outsiders to insiders <<< in that order.
    e). And the loss of innocent people will be forgotten, as if massacring
    of people did not happen.
    f). "C'est la vie" so said the French, wisely.
    g). May Ethiopia goes back to its Life, as soon as possible.
    Amen-InshAlah [in alphabetical order, please]

  5. This agreement is a total farce, waste of ethiopian and african taxpayers money, dog and pony show, total waste of precious time and nigger slave service to Devil Biden, Colonialist EU and corrupt AU and UN for FINANCIAL AID AKA prostitution. Hard working ethiopian and african taxpayers paid for expensive flight of ethiopian gov, TPLF and AU clowns to South African to stay, wine and dine and boggy dance in 5 star hotel and participate in dog and pony show. Ethio gov made a grave mistake by willing to negotiate with TPLF criminals who are responsible for death and suffering of over 1 million ethiopians and africans. Ethio gov by taking the action they took revealed to every caring ethiopian, african and other human beings with single brain cell that they are criminal/lawless government and need to leave power ASAP. According to the news the TPLF forces are losing battles and ethiopian forces are winning and taking control of tigray regions. At the current rate, the rational(COMMON SENSE WHICH IS SO UNCOMMON IN ETHIO ELITE) thing to do is for the ethio forces to take full control of Tigray, hunt down TPLF members and put them in jail and work on establishing a free and fair election in tigray to put decent tigray leaders. WHY SNATCH DEFEAT OF TPLF FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY OF FRONT LINE PATRIOTIC ETHOIPIAN SOLDIERS WHO SACRIFICED SO MUCH AND EVERYDAY TIGRAY PEOPLE. At the same time bring massive all out humanitarian aid, health care and other basic needs to the great Tigray people, who are number one victims of TPLF instead of wasting precious time wining, dining and boggy dancing in 5 start hotels while every day tigray people are dying for lack of food, medicine and other basic needs on a daily basis. Time is of the essence, time is precious and gold and should never be wasted. Moreover the millions of dollar wasted in dog and pony show in south africa would have fed thousands of tigray people. Why does the ethio government need the help of AU in managing its internal affair? The answer is, ethio gov is incompetent and can’t handle anything on its own. Ethio gov needs the aid international organizations and other powerful countries to do the simplest of things such as feeding, sheltering and clothing its own people. Ethio gov is like parents that are totally incapable of feeding, clothing and sheltering their kids. Ethio gov needs to man up, grow up, be civilized(practice justice by putting criminals in jail), work hard and get out of endless dependency(slavery).

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