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Ethiopia and Sudan on alert for Egyptian military strike

ethiopia and EgyptMiddle East Monitor

Sudanese and Ethiopian forces operating on the border between the two countries are in place to prepare for any offensive that Egypt might launch against Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam on the River Nile, intelligence and security sources in Khartoum have revealed to MEMO.

The two armies have been alerted that the Egyptian air force now has the capability to strike the dam at a distance of up to 1,500 kilometres, following the purchase of 24 Rafale fighter jets from France. The Ethiopians have deployed long-range missiles around the dam as a precautionary measure and Sudan’s forces have been placed on standby.

The Renaissance Dam is being built to fulfil Ethiopia’s energy needs; it is on the Nile in the Benishagul Gumuz region. The project is opposed by Egypt, which believes that it will affect the flow of the great river and cause water shortages. The scheme is set to be the eighth largest dam in the world and has caused a major diplomatic row between the Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. After initial objections, Sudan supports the building of the reservoir behind the dam.

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Relations between Egypt and Ethiopia hit a low point in 2013 when Egyptian politicians inadvertently discussed sabotaging the dam in a live broadcast on state-owned television. A declaration of principles signed by the governments in Cairo, Khartoum and Addis Ababa has not helped to ease the tension. It is unclear whether the agreement will actually have any significant impact on the situation.

Reports published last week by Sudanese newspapers quoted members of an Eritrean opposition group who suggested that Egypt has made a secret deal to open a new naval base on Nora Island in the Red Sea off the coast of Eritrea, Ethiopia’s northern neighbour. The move has angered Addis Ababa, even though Egyptian military sources have denied any such plan.


  1. Well, this news may not be as imminent as we fear at this time . But it is a well-founded and well-discussed scenario that if issue of the Nile cannot be resolved based on the instruments of international laws and norms of trans-boundary rivers, there should not be any doubt that it triggers conflicts that possibly lead to total war. And this would be very unfortunate for Ethiopia as it is without a government of democracy, unity and integrity that are indispensably necessary for defense and the protection national sovereignty and territorial integrity . We are in a dilemma of struggling against tyranny or siding with it and continue to live under bloody politics and economic slavery which is great for TPLF/EPRDF. Watch out carefully and ready to act accordingly .

  2. Al-Toweel Isaias operatives will have the honor of being the guides for the invading el-Sisi fighter jets and special commando units. The dam will be demolished, thousands of daily laborers toiling at the job site will be massacred and then, then, then, the Blue Nile will suddenly refuse to flow in its current route. That rascal Blue Nile is now flowing south or even eastward. You rascal Blue Nile!!!!

    If el-Sisi is seriously planning or even thinking about any military option, would somebody please send him a good copy of the book by William Loring? I say this to my Amhara, Tigray, my own Oromos, Afars, Somalis and all other ethnic groups of the old country: If you notice any ‘jemmaala’ fighter jets whizzing by your neck of woods, just take up your pick and shovel and head to the Blue Nile gorge. Then turn it south and east in many places. Case closed!!!

    • Wow
      What zeraf zeraf you are certainly sitting in some US cities and trying hard to instigate a war so you can analyze it or micro manage it, what a shame

  3. If it happens,neither country is capable of beating back an Egyptian attack. The news does not make sense for one reason. Egypt attacking the Ethiopian dam under construction will not serve the national interest of Egypt. However, it can be used to rally support from the Egyptian people. Wars are mostly a disguise to cover serious problem within a country. TPLF and the regime in the Sudan may seem they are joined at the hip, the truth is they are not. It is rumored TPLF is giving land and other necessary concessions to the Sudan to appease them and keep them on their side. If a war breaks out with Egypt, the Sudan will be on the side of the Egyptians. I do not trust them at all!!

  4. As an Oromo nationalist, I hope Egypt arms and allies itself with Oromos. Oromos have no reason to be loyal to an empire that is based on the subjugation, humiliation and marginalization of the Oromo. If TPLF and previous Ethiopian dictators can use aid and Western $$ to oppress us and kill us; we certainly have a right and obligation to use anyone’s $$ to arm our people for self-defense and liberation. Oromia Ni Bilisoomti!

  5. Abbas – The fact is the Egyptians and its Arab allies never stopped to divided and use us in our history. People like you who are bent on blind nationalism are the foot soldiers willing to die and sacrifice others for no lasting peace to our people. Take a lesson from S. Sudan and Eritrea. They are failed states.
    You can dream day and night about the so called Ormoia nation, and call upon Ethiopia’s arch enemies to assist you to dismantle the country for their objectives, but you will never succeed. If you think the Egyptians are worried about TPLF’s atrocities against the Oromo people, you are as blind as a bat. They want allies to use and abuse to meet their objectives against the single ethnic minority government of Ethiopia. No nation around the globe cares about dark skinned people. As for the Ethiopian government using western dollars to abuse our people, time is changing. TPLF must shape up or they risk being overthrown violently. Twenty five years is enough for a single ethnic group to lead 100+ million people under gun point. Let us have the chance to elect our leaders in a democratic way based on equality and justice. That is the only way we can achieve justice to our people that are suffering under the tyranny of TPLF. So, Mr. Oromia lover, shape up and see the whole picture and fight for the benefit of all people regardless of their ethnicity, languages or religion. I hope you can see this clearly before your narrow ethnic nationalism takes away what is left of your sight for good.

    • Tesfa
      Are you from Kilil Tigray or other Kilis ? Do you really think Ethiopia which could not ever feed its people is not a failed one. What a twisted logic you employ to make your point. If you belong to the new elites in town then then I can understand it, case closed but if you are not it is pathetic to express it mildly.

  6. ሀበሻ እንደዚህ አይነት ትንታኔለ ለመሰጠት እውቀት የለወም በዛዉ ለይ ማንም አየምነውም??

  7. you people must be day dreaming- no country, leave alone Egypt, would declare war at this time, may be the “zeraf” people.

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