Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference and Ethiopina and Eritrean Musich and Cultural Event

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unnamed (1)Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference and Ethiopina and Eritrean Musich and Cultural Event

Read Aloud:   Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News January 15, 2019


  1. Ethiopia and Ertira ?
    Duba ena Qil abeqaqelu leyeqel !!aye Boteleka !
    este koy yenga !!!

  2. Shich!! Geltu. Even you don’t know the name of Ethiopia. Who is Ethiopian? Amhara and Amharic speaking people. Wushoch. Ebakachihu tinish cinqilati gizu.

  3. Hum!
    I failed utterly to grasp why Ethiopian erudits are obliviant of the sophisticated orchestra of their platform financier!
    Who they think and aspire to serve? Certainly they are inculcating the increasingly dominant role that Shabia wanted play on and among Ethiopians!
    Who is representing Dijibouti, Somalia and Kenya? Why are the organizers shy of naming Shabia and Ethiopia as it most likely matches the composition of the panelists, if I may say no!
    Very sad to see Drs Birara and Messay as most of the remaining are well versed and linked and dedicated servants of G-7, Shabia and by proxy to Egypt

  4. This people are the simply a Collection of old fogs of old day political Ethiopians and Eritreans. Proff. Asmarom Lessgess like Gada system of democracy. The Habesha’s mentality can not accept this good culture of democracy because of jealousy. How can he present this traditional golden democracy?

  5. this program is nothing but politics with out people. is proff Asmarom to this point a cheep man? Holding oromo cultural proffosisor, but campening ethiopian politics, KKKKKKKKKK

  6. sit down on the side of Sofi፣ and Asmerom? አላደርገውም። የኢትዮጵያዊነት ጥላቻ በደማቸው እሚንተከተክ ሰዎች አይደሉም እንዴ። ባባድሜ ጦርነት ጊዜ “ኢትዮጵያ በታሪኳ ወደብ ንሮአት አያቅም” ያለው ፕሮ አስመሮም ገብታችሁ እዩት። ኦሮምችን ሰብስቦ ስለ ነጻ ኦሮም መንግስት ይሰብካቸዋል። ታማኝ አፈርኩብህ።

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