Ethiopia: AEUP Higher Official Found Dead in Addis

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a85c1779All Ethiopian Union Party (AEUP)’s president Abebaw Mehari told  that one of the party’s higher official, Dagne Alemu, found dead in Addis on Sunday, August 10, 2014.

Dagne Alemu has been working as finance affairs head of the party at the Kolfe area, Addis Ababa. Ato Dagne’s body laid to rest today. Minilik Hospital that undergoes the autopsy has told the party officials that it needs a month’s time to issue the result, Abebaw Mehari said.

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  1. tigre people liberation front is a lawless fascist organisation that has continued to murder innocent citizens in broad day light and it seems that this is becoming a normal practice yet citizens are powerless to take any action.
    how long is our silence for? what is the trigger point, for Ethiopians to say for the last time enough is enough? how long are we to continue to be brutalised like this by the demonic Tigre people liberation front.

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