Ethiopia: Achamyeleh Tamiru responds to Prof Mesfin Woldemariam's ESAT Interview

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Ethiopia: Achamyeleh Tamiru responds to Prof Mesfin Woldemariam’s ESAT Interview

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  1. Dear Achamyeleh Tamiru
    Instead of going back and forth with Professor try to learn from him to be a better person. You might know 1% what the professor knew, please try get the rest 99% from him then you can start talking. Before criticizing him try to understand his point. I do not think you got it. As they said little knowledge is dangerous.

  2. Lemma Abate
    You must be an impostor or a Mediocre. I know for certain you did not read what Achamyeleh wrote or you have no clue about English as can be seen from your 3rd grade Grammar.
    Pleas do not reveal your ignorance and stupidity.

    • @Mesfin
      The only person who agreed which his idea is only you. what else can I say. You proved yourself to be moron.

  3. Ato Achamyele,
    The King was absolute power and very conservative. He can not support freedom of the people. That constitution draft was just cosmotic change to keep the King on power.
    I think you did not know all about that(so-called) constitution.It was sugar coated amended to cool down the current wave

  4. I was a small boy during the fall of the Emperor, but I remember a change was on the table if not Derg dismised it. I am much convinced about AchamYeleh deep information. He is not reporting the abstract but based on research and deep informed facts.

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