Ethiopia ‘accepts peace deal’ to end Eritrea border war

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BBC: Ethiopia’s governing coalition has announced it will fully accept and implement the peace deal that ended its border war with Eritrea.

It says it will accept the outcome of a 2002 border commission ruling, which awarded disputed territories, including the town of Badme, to Eritrea.

This will end a dispute with Eritrea that sparked Africa’s deadliest border war in 1998.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in two years of fighting.

The two sides have remained on a war footing as Ethiopia had, until now, refused to accept the ruling of the border commission, which was set up as part of a peace deal.

As a result, Ethiopia had refused to withdraw its troops out of the disputed areas – leading Eritrea to accuse Ethiopia of forcefully occupying its territory.

“The Eritrean government should take the same stand without any prerequisite and accept our call to bring back the long-lost peace of the two brother nations as it was before,” the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) wrote on Facebook.

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Eritrea had refused to hold any talks with Ethiopia until it agreed unconditionally to the border commission’s findings.

Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had promised to make peace with the country’s northern neighbour after taking power earlier this year.

BBC World Service Africa editor Will Ross says if Ethiopia does now remove soldiers from the disputed land, it would show it is serious about seeking peace.

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  • 24 May 1993: Eritrean independence from Ethiopia officially declared
  • 6 May 1998: Border war begins
  • 18 June 2000: Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities signed
  • 12 December 2000: Algiers Peace Agreement signed
  • 13 April 2002: The Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission delivered its “final and binding” ruling


  1. Dear Ethiopians- EPRDF is just playing around with the blood of Ethiopians. Let us not be fool. It is time to all of us, regardless of our languages, religion and other differences to come together and advise and take action. This man, Abiy has been gaining momentum and we have been throwing our hope. However, He and and his teams are now making one of the biggest mistakes ever clearly showing accepting defeat.
    EPRDF must go. This is what our struggle must be. We must be united first and for most, our Country and people must come first. We know Abiy has again ignored the views of Ethiopians. Instead of moving straight to the issue of Ertria, that can remain stand still, Abiy must have called all opposition parties in and outside Ethiopia for Dialogue and reconciliation. We are stakeholders that must be consulted first. He is by passing all except those little criminals called ODF. We are from Oromo mother and father from Sheger and around extending up to ADAMA. In the Oromo history, we have never had such a very critical time to the people of Oromo in particular and Ethiopians in general. They deceive innocent young Oromos that you were oppressed and form Oromia country. Look how shallow and stupid they are (indeed this is from the big Satan). Oromia to be a country is impossible- 1) Oromia can never have any access to ports. Somali is the major enemy of Oromo historically with a huge land is being to be claimed from Oromia by Somali/Ogaden; 2) Oromia will obviously fall to muslim Jihadist from inside and outside (the work of Egypt); 3) Oromia boarders with all major ethnic groups, and this means a huge endless war with Ogaden (somali will also fight with Ogaden-this is clearly observed recently); 2) with AMhara, Afar, South etc; 4) Oromia is very different in culture and diversity that is hardly to go along etc. Other ethnic groups are less assumed to be ravaged by civil war and war from outside compared to Oromia. These small power hunger people are manipulating Ethiopian politics for them to remain in power and suffer Ethiopians. The resolution that Dr Abiy has made in connection with the boarder dispute with Ertria is not going to be a solution. Rather, this is very provoking to the integrity and stability of our country. We know that Abiy is doing what the Americans or Briatin told him to do. EPRDF is really undermining our people again and they can never be corrected. we are therefore calling upon all Ethiopians to unite together without delay, putting our differences aside and resist any move of EPRDF such as this. Ethiopians are really undermined. By defalt, Abiy is now provoking a civil war with Tigrians will again to be rising to defent their territory and we all Ethiopians as we shed our blood will stand with because this is a country matter.

  2. I am bit confused with this declaration? Have they discussed this with the residents of Badme and its Environs? Is there any plan in place where those residents will go? It is one thing to work towards peace, but it is another to displace people for the sake of peace. The Ethiopian people are willing to go the extra mile to appease EPLF, however, I sure do not believe peace can come from weakness. You can’t scarify your people for the sake of a blind ruling by the International court. Sitting in the Hague and using virtual demarcation to delineate a contested area is like a blind leading the blind. I am hopeful the Ethiopian PM and other Ethiopian officials have hashed this decision deeper as not to be caught in another surprise attack by the EPLF.

  3. The Ethiopian soldiers took the cattle of Ethiopian people residing in the area leaving elders , women and babies to starve while young Ethiopian people are even put in a mentally retarded developmentally challenged people’s detention centers , thesoldiers put the young in detention centers because the Ethiopian soldiers are afraid of possible protest that will arise due to their illegal confiscation of people’s property who are citizens of Ethiopia residents of the disputed area who are Ethiopian all their life with no ties to the Eritrean government. The Ethiopian soldiers claim we are all developmentally challenged(retarded) just so they can take away our rights as citizens of Ethiopia who lived in Ethiopia for many many generations. currently Colonel Abyot Ahmed (PM Abiy Ahmed) decision is allowing the soldiers to continue ordering the cattle breeders to not raise protests since according to the soldiers all cattle breeders of the area are mentally incapable to know which animal is theirs which entirely false. If anything it is the soldiers that are mentally challenged because they are robbing us forcing us to choose between death or migrating to Eritrea to join the Ethiopian freedom fighters that are in Eritrea.. This stealing of our cattles and giving our lands to foreign country area decision is done while the country is being governed by a state of emergency which gave the Ethiopian soldiers the full authority to steal our cattle . The Ethiopian soldiers are saying they are protecting the cattle from possible Eritrean bandits but in reality it is the Ethiopian soldiers that are slaughtering our cattle and selling the meat . When people tried to complain to the appropriate agencies they are being detained and tortured some cattle breeders of the area are even missing no one knows their whereabouts.

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