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Ethiopia: A message for you from US Ambassador Mike | U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa

 Hi Everyone, we have a message for you from Ambassador Mike in light of events over the past several weeks:

The United States has long advocated for increasing the pace of democratic reform, respect for human rights, and creating space for inclusive dialogue because we believe these are important for Ethiopia’s long term success. Shared goals such as broad-based economic growth, lasting stability, and regional peace need the full capacity of the Ethiopian people behind them if they are to be achieved.

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In recent weeks, we have seen some promising steps in these directions, but also some reminders of the challenges that remain. One thing I’ve observed during my four-plus months here is that matters are rarely as clear-cut as anyone would like them to be. My goal is for our Embassy to play a constructive role in Ethiopia, one that supports the aspirations of those who seek a better future, without dictating what that future should be or how Ethiopia should get there. But there are certain principles that we stand for, and in light of recent events I want to reiterate those now.


People need to be free to express themselves peacefully, and to be confident that they can do so. Lethal force to protect the safety of the public, even in the face of violent protests, must always be a last resort. At the same time, people need to demonstrate their commitment to peaceful expression and dialogue. Political engagement needs to be done constructively – through strengthening institutions rather than destroying them, and never through the destruction of property, livelihoods, and lives. When laws are broken, there need to be consequences, but accountability should come through legal mechanisms and constitutional processes.

I am upset by the reports of deaths and violence, even as I am hopeful about what Ethiopia can accomplish if stated goals of reform are followed through with quick and comprehensive action. As we seek to partner with all Ethiopians toward that better future, everyone must do their part. The United States will stay the course in Ethiopia, and I hope I can count on each of you to do the same.

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Ambassador Mike


  1. The satanic USA is #1 enemy of Ethiopia and the world which finances and cover the subhuman Tigres. The only solution for Ethiopia and the whole world is, if the USA cease to exist as a country. Then the rest of the world may live in peace and in harmony with the nature.

    • Asmare – When is the last time you got your head inspected? Such inflammatory rhetoric can only come out of a sadistic mind. No nation on Earth is whole and perfect when it comes to governance of its people or in foreign policy matters. America operates to better its people and its resources like any other nation. History also tells us, America’s past and present foreign involvement is imperfect. America is neither Satanic nor holy. Your moronic comment of “the USA to cease to exist as a country” is extreme and should not be published on this website. Despite its shortcomings, America is the place to be to fight for freedom and justice and to better self. Where do you reside when you wrote your trashy comment? I hope you are not living in the USA. If you are; that is paradoxical!

  2. The satanic USA is #1 historical,enemy of Ethiopia and the world which finances and covers the subhuman Tigres. The only solution for Ethiopia and the whole world is, if the USA ceases to exist as a country. Then the rest of the world may live in peace and in harmony with the nature.

  3. Sad to hear such kind of biased statements from American Ambassador. Now I understand that America is no more a beacon of Democracy. Gone are the days of true patriotism. The freedom of Ethiopians is in the hands of Ethiopians.

  4. The parliament needs to be dissolved, and new election needs to be carried out with new election board. The last election was fake with 100% for Weyane, and one-sided election board.

  5. Don’t listen to this man whatsoever. He was saying nothing when TPLF / EPRDF killed our people for over two yrs. But now when they realise TPLF is on the final time they Are trying to save the regime.

    We Ethiopians donot need the assistance of any country . We are the masters of our fate and destiny.

    We are the children of our fathers defeating Italians and Europeans.

    • And who do you think fought the most and defended Ethiopia the most and SUCRIFICED the most against colonialists and enemies?? No other than the Tigre people has done the most to keep this country free. Even your traitor Menelik leaned on our generals and army to defeat the Italians.

  6. Whatever you do you must not destroy your country. Just look across your borders into Somalia and south Sudan to get a glimpse of what State collapse looks like. Best wishes to Ethiopia from your neighbors Somaliland

  7. The US was instrumental in toppling down the infamous Derg for which the Ethiopian People are grateful.
    The democratization process had eventually dragged its feet to standstill position.
    Now the US is widely expected to play the role of brokerage so as to trike a working political formula between EPRDF and local and foreign based opposition parties using all its influences and power.
    I thank you very much for your concern.
    Long live Ethio-American friendship!

  8. How can we trust you Ambasador Mike? “once bitten twice shy” is the case in fact the USA history on Ethiopia is supporting dictators and brutal killers!!!You President Obama endorsed this criminal government as democratically elected to add insult to a wound his security advisor Susan Rice at the death of Ethiopians she laughed out loud and here you are telling us usual with your good words you are with Ethiopians but in reality you like to cajoul and appease this mercenary government, all i say to you is hope you will privately and along muse at your work and hope you have a good sleep while Ethiopians are massacred day in day out, shame on YOU!!!!!

  9. Dear Ambassador,
    Its better to invest and help Somalia.I say this because Somalia is ready for Democracy and development.
    Second, Your Honour,its to late for Ethiopian to accept you help, cause we are already heading toward chaos and disasrter like What Somalia was..but the difference between Somalia and Ethiopia si Somalia is only one Ethnic race, but Ethiopia is diverse ethnic entites like the Former Yudsolavia.Therefore, the best help America can provide is the peaceful Disol…of Ethoopia into 9(nine) brotherly countries living and prospering beside each other this time that is what every ethnic entity is looking foeward.That is my humble advice to every (Oromo,Somali(ogaden),Amhara,Tigre,Afar,Gambela,Benishungul.Gumuz,S.Nations and Nationalities) ..
    ETHIOPIA wont be Ethiopians untill this happens..seriously we will stay poor ,War will never stop..look back the history of this Fabricated Contry.

  10. I wish God keep this country.please everybody we need peaceful life,otherwise our country to got the chance of the others which is have fight by themselves.

  11. I wish God keep this country.please everybody we need peaceful life,otherwise our country to got the chance of the others which is have fight by themselves.
    we must pray..pray…pray

  12. Thank you Mr Ambassador forbeing friend IF Ethiopians though Ethiopia is in IF real friends With understanding the disasterous situations in Ethiopia the country under facist rike Genocide and crimes against humanity The Rolf regim is committing tertialet war crimes and atrocities. The Oromo people under siege. Massacre against the Oromos and Amharas …..

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