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Ethiopia: 28 people killed in floods in remote regions

(AP) ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – The state broadcaster in Ethiopia says 28 people have been killed in severe flooding in two remote regions.
The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation reported Monday that 23 people were killed and 84 more people were injured when a river that crosses Jigjiga, the regional capital of the Somali region, burst its banks on Sunday.
It said intense rains in another drought-stricken region, Afar, led to floods in which five people were killed.
Ethiopian meteorology officials said thick clouds around the Indian Ocean could lead to more flooding in the coming days and the government is taking precautionary measures to assist people in the two affected regions.

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  1. most of the buildings in the HARAMAYA UNIVERSITY in Somali region BURNT DOWN today 4/5/16 .
    School is canceled for the rest of the year by the DEAN for safety reasons.

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