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Ethiopia’s simmering sores and the re-opening of old wounds
By Kalkidan Yibeltal & Tesfalem Waldyes : May 7, 2016May 7, 2016

• Ethiopia’s army has entered South Sudan in search of 100 kidnapped children
• Former Holland resident Ethiopian stabbed to death in Addis
• Ole Miss in Ethiopia: God’s Country

May 6, 2016

• Ethiopians desperate to keep their coffee fix
(K. Dunn)
• Ethiopia’s outsized importance to African security
(Anna Newby)
• How an Ethiopian slave became a South African teacher
(Sandra R. S.)
• Can aid reform end Ethiopia’s repeated hunger emergencies?
• Gebremedhin Haile takes job as interim national soccer coach
• San Jose warns against deceptive TPLF conference

May 4, 2016

• EBAC condemns brazen border violation, killings
(Press Release)
• Kenya thwarts planned terrorist attack
• Ethiopia fires national soccer coach
• Ethiopia one of four notorious countries for journalists in Africa
(The Conversation)
• EBAC condemns brazen border violation and killings
• Bekele Gerba’s trial in TPLF monkey court
(Prof. Al Mariam)
• 2016 Ethiopian Easter Celebration at St. Gabriel Monastery in Seattle

May 1, 2016

• Zone 9 bloggers nominated for Martin Ennals Award
• US concerned over Oromo Federalist Congress terrorism charges

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