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Ethio-Eritrea Conflict: CCTV Interview with Eritrian Ambassador

Ethio-Eritrea Conflict: CCTV Interview with Eritrian Ambassador
Ethio-Eritrea Conflict: CCTV Interview with Eritrian Ambassador

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  1. The Eritrean Ambassador in Kenya is talking about minority/TPLF failing to work with OLF and ONLF who made Eritrea as its enemy. The Ambassador should look inward to his country which is also ethnically and religiously divided that pushed many fleeing the regime. The power in Eritrea is under the control of the Tigres.
    Both TPLF and Shabia former allies as was confirmed by the Ambassador are the biggest problem in the Horn. They are driven by Mussolini doctrine of dividing Ethiopia and Eritrea by ethnicity and religion. Their language after 25 years of absolute power is the language of ethnicity. Uncurable disease !!!
    TPLF and Shabia are using ethnicity like ISIS is using Islam. They are dividing and killing people based on the criteria they set out. For the Ambassador, Amhara is the unspoken enemy for ISIS, Infidels and Shia Muslims.
    The war of 1998-2000 is the war of Shabia to extend its empire to Ethiopia. It failed and now Woyane is trying to kick Isaias from Asmara and put pro West/TPLF anti Amhara/Ethiopia regime. They want to extend their Business control both in Eritrea and Ethiopia in a Joint Corruption Empire similar to Mussolini dream of the 1930s.
    The Asmara and Ethiopia tribal Warlords have more things in common than they separate them. if I use their own ethnic card/measurement they are the same Tigrigna speakers. There is no difference between them that is why they are sending Tigrigna speakers as refugees as a source of income. They manufactured refugees by Design and Europeans are Fooled by this scam.
    The current Make Beleive War is the War game at the expense of poor soldiers. The rulers have good time. It is time for the soldiers to march to Asmara and Addis Ababa topple these rascals. Eritreans and Ethiopians should join hands to topple these corrupt warlords. We have 25 years of misery under their brutal corrupt rules. Enough is Enough !!!! Our good people lost hope and let us shine the truth. Ethiopians and Eritreans are brothers and sisters !!!!

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