ESFNA San Jose 2014 – Ethiopian Day (In Pictures)

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Must Watch: ESFNA San Jose 2014 – Ethiopian Day (In Pictures)


  1. Ethiopia is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country. In your picture of ESFAN San Jose 2014 you missed to show that. Please, try to include other culture and their music in the future.

    • I see pictures that represent the Gurage,the Oromo & the Welayta cultural dancers. If you simply try to ignore what your eyes could see,I will simply call it intentionally diverting our diverse Ethiopian patriotic event in to a divisive and anti Ethiopia political game.

  2. Don’t be ‘Tebab’ Anyway its all ethiopian culture. Don’t think if they don’t get oromoigna or guragegna song it doesnt mean it represent ethiopian culture. You need to be proud ethiopian culture ..Get over it for now.

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