ESFNA Board of Directors have voted not to accept the PM Abiy desire to address Ethiopians in North America

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Dear Fellow Ethiopians,


After days of deliberations regarding the request from H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed delivered by the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington, D.C., the ESFNA Board of Directors have voted not to accept the Prime Minister’s desire to address Ethiopians in North America during the Dallas tournament in July, but request it to be at a future tournament. There were multiple pressing factors that led the Board to postpone the invitation, most importantly:

  1. The request was received too close to the tournament and there were too many variables introduced by the prospect of the Prime Minister’s attendance—specifically to ensure the safety of all guests and attendees;
  2. The size of the venue is not large enough to accommodate the potential audience the Prime Minister’s presence would create (an unscientific poll posted on ESFNA’s Facebook page reached over 140,000 people organically);
  3. Most of the tournament-related particulars—including liability insurance—have already been in place, and the time constraint to rework those particulars will make it improbable if not impossible to guarantee the necessary changes would be accomplished in time.
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However, the majority of Board Members were honored by the request. This is the first time an Ethiopian head of state has ever requested to attend any ESFNA’s annual tournament. It is a testament to ESFNA’s contribution to the North American Ethiopian community, and the North American community at large.

ESFNA is cognizant of the wave of change occurring in Ethiopia. Our hope is these reforms continue and become more participatory of every stakeholder of the nation. ESFNA is acutely aware of the energy and vigor with which the Prime Minister is harvesting from the Ethiopian people. We encourage everyone, including Prime Minister Abiy, to continue to engage with the Ethiopian community through peaceful dialogue so that current and future generations of Ethiopians will continue to come together.

It is our hope that the office of the Prime Minister and ESFNA will have an opportunity to revisit this outstanding invitation at a later time.

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In conclusion, we would like to thank our fellow Ethiopians from across the world who e-mailed, called and used every form of media and social networks to voice their opinions on the letter of request.

We hope to see you in Dallas this summer.



  1. What a shame! These directors must feel that they are some kind of a royalty to snub such a polite request. What a low down dirty shame!!! Who are these board of directors anyway? I just can’t believe this!!!

  2. Is this democracy? May be you will invite Mengistu because he is one of you in many aspects.
    This PM did a lot for one tribe only since sit in power. Tell me what he did for others?

  3. I have never missed Ethiopians major football gathering event in North America.
    I even once played in the fourth tournament in DC playing for Montreal (the first team to participate from Canada) but this year I chose not to go at all.
    ESFANA decision not to let the Ethiopian PM (The people Prim Minster is nothing more than a political one, your reason is just a crap. Ethiopians are smart enough to dissect your little mouse like game. You rejected the first ever people loved and a man brought to power by the Ethiopian people struggle at home. for that reason only Ethiopians should keep distance from you till you will come to your senses. The prime Minster has two major enemies now, one at home The TPLF and one abroad ESFANA. However the majority of Ethiopians respect their PM. It could have been a good opportunity to bring the tournament to ADDIS, but that is not good for minion dictators of ESFANA.
    ESFANA is now A political front for TPLF and G7, your cover is blown the emperor is naked. Shame on you.
    Afincho Ber

  4. what a shame!!! you of course are a bunch of hooligans I remember you so called directors fighting how you are going to split the money from the proceed in Houston Texas at the double tree hotel which is now called Hilton hotel. I am sure you know what I am talking about. you are those people who use to still our countries resources when you where back home and now you can’t stand a brave and well deserved prime minister to come and tell the truth about our country’s reality. You have time and will to invite a journalist because he is part of your opposition group. were you reprimanded by birhanu nega or his followers. I am glad you made it easy for me and my friends not to come and spend our had earned dollars. rot in hell.

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