ESAT Tikuret Mesay Mekonen with Ermias Former Communication Deputy Part 2

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ESAT Tikuret Mesay Mekonen with Ermias Former Communication Deputy Part 2



  1. This guy is really smart and he expose Woyanes more than anyonelse and I am mad and saddened by the story of Dr Towiq who has been giving women and girls a false HIV certificate and Tigres knowing he is the most immoral person and yet appointed him to became an Ethiopian ambassador in Yemen and it is known fact Tigres want the lowest immoral people from all ethnics who does not have consience to ask about their people and their country,
    The worest damage Tigres brought in this country is the corruption culture by appointing people with out a soul and consience who does not question their ethnic Aparthaid rule

  2. Oh! my God! what is this what I hear? I can’t believe what I hear!! What has become of our beloved Ethiopia?
    How low have we come!! What the wicked Weyanes (the curse of the nation) have done to our Ethiopia.
    These morally and legally corrupt elements, who have come from where they come from, and have taken everything for themselves, with the intent of destroying the nation!
    Thank God the truth will never die! When they thought that everything is hidden and no one will know; the brave and courageous son of Ethiopia, (Ermias Legese), even who was one among them, thundered forth and brought to day light all the hidden darkness of these venomous elements.
    He brought forth some things which are hard for our ears to hear! Yes there is no hiding place for the Weyeanes, and with each passing day more of their evil and wicked deeds will be brought to light!
    Is not that what the Bible says, “some men’s sins are open before hand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.”?
    Simeon; your sins are open, and the naked truth is out! where will you be hiding now!
    Seium Mesfin, thou serpent, fearful and back boneless, lair and pretender, no more hiding place for you! Hell which will receive you soon is your lot! you had the opportunity to get things right, you missed that, and now a sure hell is awaiting you!
    Sibhat Nega, the old fox! your days are numbered; your story has been told, and it will follow you to judgment!
    Abay Teshaye! thou child of darkness, never seen a day light all of your life, and now you will be ushered into eternal darkness; your story is open and naked before the whole world!!
    The Devil and his demons are awaiting you like hungry lions, to scramble your soul! For all eternity you will be weeping and gnashing your teeth !!!
    Yes! Everyone of you Weyanes; Hell has to enlarge herself, and open her mouth without measure to receive you!
    God Bless Ermias Leggese!! May the Lord preserve you to tell the whole truth !! Thank you so much! May some like you who have not lost their integrity come forward and tell the nation their part of the story!!
    Ethiopia shall rise from ruins, The curse (Weyane) will be removed, and God shall wipe away every tear from our eyes!!

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